Holder's Admission A Revelation Into Obama Governing

Eric Holder’s admission last week when asked whether he had read the Arizona immigration law which was signed by Governor Jan Brewer allowing state enforcement of already existing federal laws, revealed the fundamental trouble of Obama’s administration and of Obama himself. In case you missed this revealing moment, Holder was asked during a Senate hearing on several subjects whether he had read the Arizona bill and without hesitation admitted that he had not.

What was so striking about this revelation is that he was asked this in the context of questioning about his opinion of the bill and why he as the top law enforcement officer in the Nation thought it worthy of seeking law suits to overturn the bill as law in Arizona. Not only did Holder admit to not reading the bill but when questioned further about how he derived his information in which he was basing the allegations he admitted that it came from hear say evidence which he picked up from third party sources. Yet he had already come to the decision that he would seek legal action against a law in which he had no official knowledge.

This admission sent shock waves throughout the new media, but was mostly ignored as usual by the lame stream media, who are one of the admitted third party sources for Holder’s allegations against the Arizona law. The most telling aspect of this revelation by Holder is that it is a straight forward example of the governing ideology of the entire Obama administration especially Obama himself, who only moments after the Arizona bill was signed into law came out with the same allegations as Holder and like Holder had not read the bill.

Obama and those in whom he has entrusted power in the Executive Branch to have governmental authority over our Nations affairs could care less about what anything or anyone says or thinks. All that matters is whether any move that Obama or anyone within his administration does follows his philosophy, his ideology and his direction in reshaping this Nation into the socialist utopia that he believes it should be.

The law does not matter, the Constitution does not matter, American tradition, heritage and principles do not matter and worst of all the people do not matter. But of course we who believe in our Nation as a free Republic understand that each of these entities from the law to the people are one in the same and those who we place in office throughout our history have been obligated by their oath to adhere to these principles and entities.

We all know that many have drifted away from the afore mentioned entities whether the Constitution, the people, the law or our American traditions and principles. Some have even broken them in such ways that they either faced or resigned before they faced the legal consequences of illegal activities that were perpetrated while in office and under the scrutiny of the public trust.

But Barack Obama and those he has encircled around him as staff, members of his cabinet, Czars and even appointments to other branches such as the Supreme Court all follow the same philosophy as Obama. It does not matter what the law or Constitution states, it does not matter what the truth is, it does not matter what the people think. The only thing that matters is that their philosophy is followed and however the truth or the law must be bent in order to fulfill that philosophy then so be it.

The Holder admission is just one of the most blatant examples of this unamerican governing philosophy. Usually it is pressed forward in more deceptive and scheming ways such as the passage of health care which was touted as necessary to stop spiraling deficits and health care costs but after the deception was made and the bill was passed the truth about the full cost and actual increase of health care comes to light.

The ,”stimulus,” package is another example of the deception to push Obama philosophy. This nightmare was forced through without any first hand knowledge of what it actually contained yet was touted as the only means of saving our economy. Now that we are more than a year after passage and only less than one third of the money spent we find that the package has greatly increased unemployment, slowed recovery and exploded the deficit and debt.

This philosophy of Obama and those who work with him even extends to their response to the people. Millions of Americans whose numbers grow daily have risen in a stance against this unamerican philosophy of Obama and the continual consequences it is having on our Nation and our esteem around the world. Without once visiting a protest or town hall that is not staged with supporters, or once talking with average Americans who as a majority are against the Obama philosophy, Obama and his philosophical ideologues have dismissed the anger and written the people off as just right wing fanatics who are misinformed, uneducated, violent racists.

Obama and those who surround him whether hired or appointed do not care about anything which disagrees with them. They do not care about the truth or the consequences for this country or her people. Their only concern is reshaping this Nation into the ,”vision,” of redistributed wealth, total government dependency, government control over business, the courts and the individual and an America which is on an even playing field as the rest of the world and no longer its lone super power.

They see an America with open borders to illegal immigration which provides them with an enslaved voter block who are dependent on government and whose vote is purchased forever. They see an America whose enemies are treated as citizens with the same rights and privileges and can use the American courts when arrested as criminals rather than enemy combatants, as platforms to express their hatred of Americans and America and use our courts as a recruitment tool for generations of Islamic radicals hell bent on killing Americans.

Their goal of destroying America is being fulfilled by Obama and his philosophy so their platform provided by Obama becomes just a recruitment tool and not as much an ideological expression as once feared. Obama in many ways through his philosophy is doing the work of our enemies since his changing of America is slowly eliminating our freedoms and taking away liberties which is the goal of the Islamic entities who are fighting us.

Obama and those around him see America as a Nation of people dependent upon government for every aspect of their life. He sees American business through free enterprise the evil entity which prevents government dependency so it must be eliminated by total government control through regulation. He see individual drive and ability as a threat to his dependency philosophy so he seeks to eliminate the means to prosper and succeed.

Obama and those around him see America as an equal partner in world affairs so he apologizes for our greatness and exceptionalism. His philosophy deems that America is no longer the military strength of the world so he issues rules of engagement on battlefields that evens the playing field which places our soldiers in a much more dangerous situation because they cannot fight until fired upon first.

Unlike political figures of the past who have drifted from our laws and used their elected power for personal means or to bend the Constitution, Obama stays just inside legal constraints to eliminate our laws and change our Constitution making it nothing more than a historical document that has no power or authority in the new Obamanation. This is why he is dangerous. He arrogantly presses this philosophy with no regard to anything but the philosophy and all else does not matter even the destruction of a free America and her people.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth