Stop The PC, Times Square Bomber Is An Islamic Radical Terrorist PERIOD

Political correctness is going to be the total ruin of The United States of America. Almost from the moment that Faisal Shahzad the Times Square bomber was arrested and identified, the lame stream media have been bending over backwards to come with with excuses, apologies or just plain idiotic denial that this fanatic is anything but what he is, an Islamic Muslim terrorist.

MSNBC had one commentator who was hoping that it was not a person of Islamic background but rather someone who was a ,”right wing extremist,” who was associated with the Tea Party movement or some other conservative group who are opposing the current Obama agenda. Nearly every story at every news agency with the exception of Fox News has come up with some angle which victimizes this fanatic rather than calling a spade a spade.

Wolf Blitzer of CNN whined that Shahzad was a very educated individual and came from an affluent background which was a total contrast from the ,”average ignorant suicide bomber,” so something must have pushed him over the edge. Then Blitzer went on to tell the, ” terrible,” story of Shahzad’s home being foreclosed and ,”losing,” his job.

Not once did this media idiot mention that the foreclosure was due to Shahzad running out on his payments because he actually QUIT his job in order to leave the country and train at a terrorist camp in Pakistan for six months! And the CNN PC master seemed to neglect the fact that Osama bin Ladin is also an educated person from an affluent background. Bin Ladin holds two degrees and his family is rich and owns a prominent construction firm in Saudi Arabia. A family who disowned bin Laden because of his fanaticism. I guess Blitzer forgot about this fact.

The MSM has come us with every excuse from home foreclosure, to anger over Bush economic policy and drone attacks in Pakistan to almost justify the attack on Times Square and find some way of blaming this act of war on The United States and not place the responsibility on the fact that Islamic fanatics are still at war with us and it is still their goal to kill Americans and destroy our way of life.

Yet these same moronic media types are quick to condemn the Tea Party and other average Americans as ,”right wing extremists,” who are ,”racists,” and ,”unamerican,” seeking to reign violence against Democrats and Obama. Average Americans who are doing nothing more then following a Constitutional right to dissent with the government when we disagree with what government is doing. Yet to the MSM we are the terrorists and Muslim radicals like Shahzad whose true intent is to kill Americans are just innocent victims of ,”evil American imperialism.”

This is political correctness run amok. Adding to this ridiculous notion that Islamic terrorist are just innocent victims is the fact that the Obama administration is ALSO bending over backwards to avoid stating the facts about Shahzad true Islamic ties. Remember the administrations pulled this same PC campaign with the Christmas Day bomber and the Muslim fanatic who killed 13 at Fort Hood.

Facts are facts. These Islamic fanatics are still at war with The United States and no amount of political correctness or victimizing these killers is going to change who they are and what they are trying to do to Americans and America. In fact the PC only aids their cause because in victimizing them it attempts to create a sympathy for murderous actions and only adds to their influence among those in Arab countries who dislike America.

If anyone is portraying an anti-American and anti-freedom attitude it rests with those in the MSM and the administration who see it as their responsibility to victimize Islamic killers who are enemies of our country and whose expressed goal is to destroy who we are and what our country stands for. As long as the Muslim radicals are apologized for by the MSM and the administration they will see that they have an ally in The United States and someone who is justifying what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth