The Second Reagan Revolution Begins

I have been politically active my entire adult life. I have always been one who believed that it was my responsibility as a citizen of this wonderful country we call home to be not only mindful of what my responsibilities are as a citizen in knowing who we are as Americans and what our Founders intended for our Nation in remaining a strong Constitutional Republic, but in doing so to stand for those founding principles and hold those we elect accountable to the true authority of this Nation the people of The United States.

In that time there have been a several instances that have stirred my patriotic fervor in ways that I believe compared to that which our Nation experienced in its infancy as Patriots stood for the ideals of freedom and liberty in order to create a Nation of the people, by the people and for the people. One of those moments came in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11 when American rallied in the common cause of defending our Nation against an enemy determined to destroy who we are.

Another was during the Gulf war especially upon the return home of the magnificent soldiers who so bravely fought for freedom against the regime of Saddam Hussein. More recently the rise of the Tea Party movement and the great awakening of the American people to the dangers that are mounting as a result of the radical agenda and reckless spending of the current agenda of the Obama administration.

One of the first of these experiences came when I was in my later twenties and had the privilege and honor of being a part of the years which have become known as the Reagan Revolution during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. Our Nation was in the midst of a depressive and confusing time which had begun with the end of the Vietnam war and the soon to follow aftermath of Watergate which ushered in the Presidency of Jimmy Carter whose administration weakened our Nation and told Americans we must resign ourselves to live with Soviet Communism and expansion and a lesser way of American life than those before us had known.

Then came Ronald Reagan whose eternal optimism and belief in conservative Constitutional values and principles which rested in the abilities and strengths of the American people who if allowed to prosper without the oppression of government could achieve anything we set our minds and hearts to. He restored our hopes and dreams of America as the, “shining city on the hill.” He flamed within our hearts the patriotic fervor which said it was right and good to wave the flag and believe in American exceptionalism and prosperity followed as our Nation grew and rebounded.

He strengthened our Nation and restored the pride of the world in the freedom, prosperity and strength of America. He stood without hesitation against our enemies and told them that evil would not stand in this world on his watch and the Soviet Communism and expansion that Jimmy Carter told us we would have to learn to accept not only weakened because of the leadership of Ronald Reagan but as a result this evil in the world ceased to exist and a new breath of freedom stretched around the globe soon after he left office. And a grateful country and world cheered while he watched from a well deserved retirement.

Today we find our Nation facing a challenge which threatens our very existence as a free Republic. This threat lies two fold. One comes from without and the other from within. From without is the evil of Islamic fanaticism which we have fought and found great victory here and overseas but still threatens our way of life and the Obama administration is weakening our ability to stand against this evil.

The threat from within comes directly from the policy and agenda of Barack Obama and those who believe as he does that America is flawed and it must be reshaped through the socialistic power of government dependency and intrusion upon the lives of the American people by unconstitutional programs and entitlements and taking over private sector business and investment.

The American people have emphatically shown that this is NOT the direction we want for our Nation yet those in power have chosen to ignore us and demonize we who are the majority of Americans who are standing against this radical agenda and administration. We need a revolution as we stand for Constitutional principles and conservative values. We need another Reagan revolution and that time has come with another Reagan.

The eldest son of our 40th President, Michael Reagan is a Constitutional conservative who like his father believes in the American people, American exeptionalism, American strength and the Constitutional principle of limited government which allows the liberty of a free people to prosper and as a result the Nation to prosper and grow.

Michael has been a strong and steady voice of conservatism for 26 years as a syndicated radio host and speaker. He has led the fight for conservative values through the executive leadership of several foundations whose goals are to continue the work and legacy of his father and support and emphasize through political activism conservative Constitutional principles and values.

His website, Reagan Conservatism and his many accomplished writings which include several books and numerous articles in some of the most well known conservative publications have detailed his beliefs and expounded upon the values of conservatism and Constitutional principles. Michael is at the forefront of the stand against the direction that the Obama administration is taking and the path of destruction Obama’s agenda is moving our country down.

Now he is leading a second Reagan Revolution to return conservative values back to Washington and in the leadership of our Nation. First in Congress in 2010 and then the Presidency in 2012. A recent visit to Iowa may be indicating that part of this second Revolution may be a run for the Oval Office in 2012. Michael while just like his father, is not overshadowed by the greatness of his father but rather through his own strengths and conservative convictions is determined to fight to restore these values and principles which his father brought forth to restore America in the eighties into the current troubles and fight for liberty.

He is asking for Americans to join him in this second Reagan Revolution. He is asking for Americans to stand on the legacy of his father and fight to restore our nation to its true heritage of Constitutional principles and conservative values which President Reagan revolutionized and Michael Reagan seeks to return and expand. We can realize victory and return the optimism and patriotism of the,”shining city on a hill.” Join the fight and the Second Reagan Revolution with Michael Reagan.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth