These Are Again The Times That Try Men's Souls

It is December 1776. Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Army has been driven from Boston and New York across the Delaware River in a series of devastating defeats that had left the Army depleted and demoralized. What battle had not finished of the fledgling Army, sickness and winter had. George Washington and our new Nation faced extinction unless a miracle occurred.

In a desperate move Washington planned a night crossing of the swollen Delaware River to take Trenton, New Jersey from 1200 German Hessian’s, whose experience far outweighed the Continentals. But the supplies this battle offered would allow the Army to live to fight again, otherwise the cause and the new Nation would be finished.

Seeking anything to inspire his troops and remind them of why they fought, Washington turned to the mind of Thomas Paine whose pamphlet, “Common Sense,” had given Americans definition to the cause and inspiration to fight. Paine took to pen again and his immortal words entitled, “The Crisis, ” defined once again for the Continentals, “the times that try men’s souls.”

Though we do not face national extinction or wage a military battle as our ancestors who fought for independence in that winter of 1776, we face today a peril just as dangerous and equally as devastating to the cause of liberty which threatens our freedom and our existence as a free Nation. This threat does not come from an enemy whose tyranny stretches over a vast ocean but from within and from some of our very own.

We have experienced in the last weeks a total assault on our rights and our Constitution which if not checked and reversed can and will change the course of this Nation so severely that all future generations will never experience the liberation of individual freedom and personal achievement without the heavy hand of tyrannical government shaping their lives even before they are old enough to stand and walk on their own.

We who understand what is taking place and the threat that it brings to our freedom are accused of insighting violence and racism simply because we oppose the direction the administration and the Congress are taking our country. As we follow our Constitutional right to speak freely and dissent from an over bearing and oppressive government and government leaders who ignore the majority of Americans who oppose their assault on our rights, we find ourselves mocked by a President, our words twisted for political gain by members of Congress and labeled as insighting violence and racial tension against those whose actions have threatened our liberty.

Though we fight with our ability to voice our disgust and rally the American people to use our Constitutional privilege to vote those who are seeking the destruction of our country out of office and as our Declaration states, “alter and abolish,” the existing government through that vote, replacing it with one which embraces the Constitution and truly represents the people, though these Constitutional rights are our only weapons in out fight, those who we oppose treat us as if we stand at their doorstep with rifle in hand and act as if our intention is the taking of life rather than a stand for the life of freedom.

There have always been those in our land who from our very beginnings have verbally threatened those elected to higher office. The usual practice by those elected has been to play them down and not publicize them. But in order to seek political gain members of Congress who voted against the will of the people in an unconstitutional piece of legislation which is designed to, by their own words, “control the people,” are creating a propaganda assault against everyday Americans who oppose them by using the words of a handful who unquestionably went to far in their vocal opposition.

Never before in our history has a President and members of Congress intentionally sought to divide our Nation as drastically and completely as the trying times we face today. Even during the height of the division caused by Vietnam in the sixties, those in Washington did not intentionally seek to create a greater divide by their politics and their political rhetoric. Yet in this last week after the health care passage the President mocked our opposition and Democrats in Congress publicized a few phone calls in order to anger those who back what they do against we who oppose what they do.

As a result every word we utter and every protest we make is viewed by the left and their media propaganda machine as racist and insighting violence. Yet at peaceful rallies which have taken place since this political move by Congressional Democrats, it is their supporters which have acted violently and used race bating as a means of countering our opposition. Because of its content and many of the words I have written, I am sure this posting will be deemed as racists and insighting violence as have others I have written recently in my exercise of free speech.

These are truly, “times that try men’s souls.” Many may think, “why bother, they have not and will not listen.” Yes, they proved that what we say and why we protest and stand together for Constitutional principles and freedom has almost no effect on what they do and they will use whatever means at their disposal to force their oppression down our throats. But like those in the Continental Army who against all odds crossed the Delaware River, defeating the Hessian’s in Trenton and giving new life to our Revolution, we must continue to make our stand for freedom and our Constitution.

Though they have assaulted our rights and taken many of our freedoms we are still the people of The United States and our vote determines who sits in power in Washington and who does not. Our Constitution still gives us the right to express our disgust and to protest and vocalize our opposition to this administration and those in Congress who support it. Though we are personally attacked and accused by those in the media and the left who , “claim,” to know the intent of our thoughts when we use words like, “fight, target, war,” and ,” attack.” We know what we truly mean as do those in Congress and the White House we oppose.

That my friends is why they politicize our opposition and our protest of their unconstitutional actions. They fear our truth and understand that we have seen though their deception and their lies. They know that we realize that what they do is a violation of our rights and our freedom and that as a people we have risen to take back what they have stolen. They know that come November we will fire them and their plush Washington jobs will be no more.

Like the Continental Army of 1776 during those, “times that try men’s souls,” against overwhelming odds stormed Trenton, NJ and by their action had the Hessian’s on the run until they defeated them, we today are crossing our Delaware River and moving down the rain soaked roads to November when Congress will be on the run by our vote and the administration will as a result of our vote find itself facing a revived populace who will continue the fight for freedom and restore our Republic by forcing accountability and Constitutional principles with those WE have chosen to represent us.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth