Obama Said Obamacare Not Political - Just Another Lie

Throughout the entire process over the unconstitutional Obamacare bill which socialized health care when signed into being on Tuesday, Barack Obama continually claimed that this was not a left or right agenda, (of course we know it was VERY left), and that it was going to be a non-political bipartisan effort.

Well first of all the ONLY bipartisanship was in the opposition which found 212 nay votes 34 of which were Democrats joining every Republican in the House. The 219 yeas were not only partisan but but the process excluded all Republican participation even though claims by Obama and crew stated otherwise.

But I regress as I have wondered off on a tangent which has nothing to do with the title of this post, but it did feel good to get it off of my chest! Back to the subject at hand. Obama claimed during his campaign stumps for health care and in every interview he gave about health care, (I believe they totaled somewhere around 30,000 camera opps, give or take), that health care was non-political and that his bill would not be used for political opportunity.

So this massive bill which was shoved down our throats with the claim that it would lower premiums, which will go up because ALL health insurance will be required to offer the same amount of coverage whether your a single man and don’t need pediatric care or not. In other words when this provision kicks in, everyone who is paying a lower premium with a selective coverage insurance that does not cover what they do not need, or they are a non-smoker who is a lesser risk for example, their premiums will skyrocket as there coverage whether they want it or not will be mandated to increase so that ALL coverage will be the same.

But again I have slipped off my subject. So this is supposed to be non-political. Then why if so much of this is so important to save the lives of the claimed 18,000 every year who die without health care, ( a figure which is not only exaggerated but blatantly false), why do the majority of the provisions NOT kick in for at least four years, or if one uses their false death numbers, after 72,000 deaths because of the claimed no coverage ?

All the provisions that is except two which are geared directly toward a major voter block for Democrats. The health care bill provides the take over of the Student Loan program removing it from bank financing and making it completely financed by tax payer dollars, to supposedly allow for more students to be accepted for loans and also lengthen the term of the loans. This provision kicks in July 1.

The second provision which kicks in this year and it happens to come in September when things begin heating up in earnest prior to the November election. This provision extends coverage for young Americans to allow them to stay on their parents health care plan until the age of 26. It amazes me how both of these provisions happen to kick in prior and very close to the November election and BOTH deal with a major voting block for Democrats, young Americans below 30.

But remember Barack Obama said the bill is non-political and these provision by some tremendous coincidence happen to kick in for this Democrat voting block BEFORE an election where Democrats will be struggling for re-election. Yep it was set up this way totally by accident…..and Shamu the Killer Whale learned to fly before she died and Indian elephants ears work just like wings.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth