The Solcialists Passed It, Now Patriots Will Repeal It

The shock is passed. Barack Obama and his team of socialists have now taken our Nation down an unconstitutional path which is as far from what the people demanded and our Founders intended as night is from day. Never before have the people of this Nation been ignored as we have been during this entire health care debacle.

The shock is passed and now the anger sets in and the battle lines are drawn. Hell hath no furry as a Patriot whose freedom is being taken and Obama along with his socialist team of freedom haters with smiles on their faces and cheers in their midst reached out with the heavy handed hand of government control and robbed every American of the precious God given gift of freedom.

But the anger and disgust that we feel as a result of this blatant unconstitutional theft of our personal liberty must now find a clear and steadfast direction in which to direct that anger and allow it to culminate in victory in our war against Obama socialism and the restoration of Constitutional principles to The White House and Congress.

This unconstitutional nightmare called Obamacare will face numerous challenges through the courts because of the massive violations throughout this debacle that shred the Constitution and illegally threaten and take the rights of the people. These challenges will come from States who have already begun the process of taking the Federal Government to court over Obamacare.

Constitutional attorneys will flood the courts with every aspect of this illegal bill that violates the law as found in our Constitution. All of this is necessary and a direction in which the legal system must take in order to kill this nightmare completely and finally. But the process of reversing this through the courts could take as much as ten years and much of this nightmare will be entrenched before the process can try to eliminate it. The court could issue a junction in essence freezing the bill until the challenges are examined in court, but not likely to happen.

Once again the battle lines are moving to a November show down. Democrats are going to lose and lose BIG in November but the direction and extent of that loss must have a goal and an outcome which allows the repeal of Obamacare to take place sooner rather than later and that my friends is where we must focus and direct our anger and outrage.

Not only must we eliminate the Democrat majority in both the House and the Senate we must do so in a manner which elects a clear two thirds Conservative majority. We can talk, pray and wish for repeal but unless we have the means to do so successfully then it will not and cannot happen.

In order for the Congress to repeal the bill it must have the capability of over turning a Presidential VETO. In order to over turn a VETO a two thirds majority is needed in both the House and the Senate. Obama will VETO any attempt to repeal his socialist baby and unless the votes to over turn that VETO are in place then it will not happen.

At this point many of you are saying, “we can wait until 2013 when a new President takes office.” While this may be true, it is not a guarantee. Additionally the taxing and cuts that are in this bill which are claimed to pay for this monstrosity begin immediately and if we wait until 2013 the American people will be forced to fill government coffers to begin covering the price of Obamacare. So the quicker we are able to repeal it the better.

It is imperative that we back strong conservative candidates. November will be here before we know it and the work before us to win this fight is daunting. But we the people and freedom will prevail. Vote out Democrats. Vote our RINOS. Elect Constitutional Conservatives creating representation truly of and for the people with a two thirds majority and we will repeal this bill and begin the journey to restore Constitutional principles and limited government for the land the we love.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth