Obama's Government Tyranny Does Not End With Health Care, Pass Or Fail

“Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!” THOMAS JEFFERSON

Of all of the quotations of Thomas Jefferson the one quoted above best describes where we are as Americans and where we have fallen as a Nation. While we as Americans may not necessarily be in fear OF our government we find ourselves fearing WHAT this government can do and is about to do.

It is not a fear that has us shaking in our boots waiting for the secret police to come and take us to a Gulag as in the days of the Soviet Union or fearing that the Gestapo will come and herd us onto a truck shipping us off to a Concentration Camp as was the case in Nazi Germany. Our fear of our government is one much more subtle and threatening to our way of life but none the less just as threatening to our freedom as the oppressive regimes who took people away in the night.

Our Founders envisioned a government whose sole purpose was to govern in a manner that kept government the furthest thing from the minds of its citizens. A government that provided the security of knowing that while it existed no foreign power would ever destroy our Nation and the laws of that government would provide an atmosphere allowing all citizens to prosper as their hearts and abilities desired.

Today in sharp contrast to our Founders vision government is front and center in the minds and the lives of every American and the current administration is doing its dead level best to see to it that it remains totally involved and controlling of our lives in every aspect. Short of war and I specifically refer to the horrors of World and Civil War never before has what the government is doing been the total focus of all Americans.

The reason is that regardless of the excuses that are given for his election and the blindness which caused that election to place him in office, Barack Obama is a tyrant. A tyrant who has proven time and again that while he claims to be a compassionate President who is only looking out for the best interest of the people, he in actuality could care less ABOUT the people.

What makes him different in this respect than Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid and others in Congress who are just as guilty in their contempt of the American people is that Obama goes directly before the people acting like a caring individual who despite how unpopular he has become still smiles and acts as if the American people actual mean something to him.

Pelosi and Reid on the other hand show their hatred of Americans every time the speak. It is obvious in their eyes and the bitterness of their words as they express just how wrong America and Americans are and how it is their responsibility to change our Republic to a socialist tyranny run by a small group of demagogues lead by Barack Obama.

The depths of just how far we have fallen have come to a head and very much to light in the health care debate. Regardless of which direction the vote goes the fact that with more than 30,000 Americans joining in an almost spontaneous protest on the steps of the Capitol YELLING at the President and Congress to get off our backs and kill the most dangerous legislation in our history, can be utterly and totally ignored while those same tyrants participate in a pep rally displays their complete disdain for the people.

They have ignored every poll. They have ignored 100,000 phones calls every hour. They have ignored opposition volume which crashed the Capitol Hill servers for an entire week. They have been ignoring the people since the day Obama took office. And now we find ourselves waiting to see if the tyrant expands his power over us. The restraints of the Constitution mean nothing to the tyrant Barack Obama because he believes that those restraints are flawed because as he has stated the Constitution is nothing more than a, “series of negative liberties,” which do not state what the ,”government must do on your behalf.”

Liberty is NEVER negative and our Founders only stated in the Constitution what the government could not do specifically to protect that liberty and the rights of every citizen in our Nation. Never would they have believed that a President would come forth who saw as his duty to shred the Constitution and create an American tyranny, which ignored the rights and voice of the American people and forced an overbearing government into the lives of each citizen.

Of course we know that this overbearing government did not start with Barack Obama, but Obama has taken it to such a level that the tyranny of that government is in our face every moment of every day. We cannot escape it because it has become such a burden to Americans as his policy has taken our jobs, reduced our ability to care for our families because of greatly diminished financial means because of his spending, that is if we have a job.

His tyranny has created an atmosphere in our Nation which depresses our very soul and causes us to wonder, “why bother.” His tyranny has dominated to the extent that it almost consumes the very air that we breath and he will not be satisfied unless he can legislate and regulate the consumption of everything we own and everything we do.

So his health care debacle is not and will not be the end of Obama’s tyranny even if he loses the vote because he sees it his destiny to rebuild and reshape America in his tyrannical image which forces government down our throats and eliminates our, “negative liberties.” The Declaration of Independence states, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.”

Fellow Patriots, this statement in our founding document is why we fight and why even if health care passes we must not waiver in our determination to fulfill the, “right of the people to alter or abolish, “ the tyrannical government of Barack Obama. I am so tired of hearing, “elections have consequences,” as either a defense of Obama or as an excuse for his tyranny.

Rather than making this lame excuse Obama needs to fully understand that his tyranny has consequences and that even with the Chicago strong arm tactics and bribery being used to force through his agenda, those consequences come from the people and our fight is against him and the tyranny he exudes in all he does.

American was born through the bloody conflict of Revolution. We survived a rebirth which tested the strength of our Constitution as the Nation divided through Civil War. We overcame despotism and fascism in two World Wars liberating millions who had lost the freedom Americans have always held so dear. Now we fight an internal tyrant who threatens the very foundation of our freedom and insults the lives of the millions of Americans who sacrificed in our history to insure that our freedom and liberty would always be and always prosper.

Our fight does not end with health care whatever the outcome. It does not end in November when we clean house in our quest to, ” altar and abolish, “ the tyranny which is an ever expanding virus on our Nation. It does not end when in 2012 we wrestle the tyrant Barack Obama out and replace him with a President who understands the wonder and liberty of true freedom and fulfills his oath to , “preserve protect and defend,” our Constitution.

Freedoms fight is a constant because even in a free Nation there are individuals like Obama who hate freedom and will always seek to destroy it. We must always be vigilant even when we defeat the current tyrant and his minions in Congress. We must never waiver from our quest and our goal of always being free. As Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth