Health Care, "Battle Of The Bulge"

We are at war and I am not talking about just Afghanistan. The war we are fighting is not on foreign soil, nor claims the lives of brave American soldiers who fight to defend our freedom. This war is on our own soil and though not a single shot has been fired has the potential, if lost, of devastating our country more than many wars in which we have fought before.

The war we are fighting is waged by protest, phone calls and e-mail as we the people of The United States take a stand against the tyrannical take over of our health care by Barack Obama and the leadership of the Congress. This one issue alone has consumed all of the air in Washington DC. It has taken most of the time and effort of the Congress and the President.

Though low on the list of priorities with most of the American people it is the subject of many conversations and consumes more than half of news coverage. This one issue has the potential of taking away a considerable amount of freedom from every American eliminating much of the choice that we have in determining our personal health care as government becomes the intermediary in all of our lives over delicate and costly decisions about our health.

It also, because of the socialistic nature of this attempt to take over such a large portion of our Nations economy, has the ability of opening a flood gate of similar government intrusions which would hasten a decline into a socialistic form of government and this too is one of the main reasons that the people of this country are coming out in droves to fight against this massive government entitlement.

Those who are in power in Washington from the President to the leadership in Congress have made it clear that the voice of the people does not matter in this issue of health care and whether we like it or not they plan to force this debacle down our throats. The only saving grace to this point is that some in Congress still think our voice matters whether it is a sincere concern for the people or just to save their political hide in an election year.

Additionally there are enough greedy members of Congress who will not vote unless they receive a significant kick back or bribe to gain that vote. So whether sincere concern or just plain greed by our, “Representatives,” this, “bill,” would have passed last August were in not for the anger and protest of the people. In the course of this war we have won several battles from either pressure that our protest and contact has made on Congress or the result of elections such as the Massachusetts Senate seat which Scott Brown won.

So where then do we stand in out fight for our freedom and to prevent this massive socialist take over of our health care and our country? We find ourselves facing a relentless foe in Obama and Congressional leadership in this fight who have made it obvious that they will stop at nothing to pass this nightmare. So how do we stand and what must we do now ?

If I were to make an analogy using a military example it would be the WWII battle which became known as the Battle of the Bulge. After Allied forces landed on the Normandy Beaches in the Summer of 1944 and broke out of the hedge row country the Allied advance moved like a juggernaut in defeating the German Army and driving them back into Germany, liberating much of Europe in the process.

Much of the Allied force in December of 1944 thought that the Germans were nearing total defeat, in fact many believed that the war could very well be over by Christmas. A general lull in fighting had taken place as a harsh winter had set in and the Allied forces and German forces faced each other in a line that basically followed the border of Germany. As Christmas approached many in the Allied forces were content to sit our the winter and await a German surrender.

The Germans though had not given up and on December 16, 1944 began a massive offensive in the Ardennes Mountains of Belgium catching the Allies by surprise and driving forces in a head long advance which pushed Allies back and over the course of nearly a month nearly brought victory for the Germans which would have extended the war to give time for Germany to deploy a great deal of advanced weaponry under development at the time that very well could have changed the out come of the war.

We who oppose the massive health care take over are facing our Battle of the Bulge. We have won many victories in preventing this debacle from passing. In fact it had seemed that health care would die a slow death as legislation because of the defeats it had received prior to this last push and many thought that we had seen the end of this attempt to take over health care.

But just as the Germans had not given up despite many defeats by the Allies and surprised Allies with a winter offensive in the Ardennes, Barack Obama and the Congressional leadership are making a Battle of the Bulge desperation offensive which, if won, will open the door to not only take over of our health care but possibly passage of other such disasters as Cap and Trade BEFORE we have opportunity to force a change in Congress in the November election.

We are learning just as the Allies did in December of 1944 that we face a relentless foe who will stop at nothing to achieve victory. And just like the Allies who temporarily were pushed back by the relentless onslaught, we must draw the line and stand true and strong in defeating this foe finally and completely. If health care fails there will not be the political will by Democrats in Congress to try and force through the rest of Obama’s agenda. Though Pelosi and Reid may try, Congressional Democrats will not be willing to stick out their necks for any other agenda items like Cap and Trade in an election year.

That is why we cannot slow in our cause nor waver in our determination to defeat this socialistic move. We have e-mailed, burned up the phone lines and protested until many may have come to the conclusion that it is useless to continue since we seem to be ignored. But remember it is ONLY our stand that has prevented this from passing seven months ago and it is that same stand that can prevent this new offensive from succeeding.

In WWII at the Battle of the Bulge American forces committed 800,000 men to stopping the German advance and lost 19,000 soldiers preventing the advance form obtaining the German goal of extending the war to give time for their new weaponry to hit the battle field. The Battle of the Bulge became largest and bloodiest battle Americans faced in the European Theatre in WWII.

We face our toughest battle against health care in the coming days as Obama and Democrat leadership are pulling out all the stops to force this through and down our throats. Attempts to create unconstitutional rules and maneuvering have already been attempted and the deception and maneuvering will only increase as the date for the vote draws closer. It will only be through our renewed determination and commitment of every resource available to us that we will be able to defeat this latest offensive for health care.

If we had called once a day we must call Congress 10 times a day. If we e-mailed weekly we must e-mail daily. If we protested occasionally we must protest continually. We must commit ourselves to all that it takes to make those whose votes are needed to pass this debacle more afraid of us then they are of the Congressional leadership. We must flood them with our voice until they have no choice but to listen and vote NO. We can win this Battle of the Bulge and bring about the total defeat of the socialistic agenda, but we must fight now and we must fight with more determination than ever before.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth