Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Unemployment Will Not Improve With An Obama Agenda

Last Friday the jobs report which had unemployment holding at 9.7% was touted by the Obama administration and the media as a victory and a sure sign the long awaited economic recovery was surely on its way. The economy ONLY lost 36,000 additional jobs and the millions represented by the 9.7 % number are considered by Obama a victory and in his opinion a key sign that his economic policy is working.

Give me a break! In an economy, if it had been left alone, that would have not only already been out of recession but well on its way to dropping unemployment back to full employment numbers, but now continues to in reality fall or stay stagnant, 9.7% unemployment is NOT something to brag about nor spend time patting one’s self on the back in congratulations for a, “job well done.”

The fact is that the economic policy of Barack Obama and the ridiculous spending, massive deficits, anti-stimulus stimulus bill, and focus on one issue, health care, have only expanded unemployment and stagnated the economy preventing a true and realistic recovery from taking place. As long as this policy is allowed to continue unemployment will not improve significantly nor will we dig ourselves out of the recessive hole we find ourselves in and regardless of Obama’s claim that it’s, “Bush’s fault,” the fault lies directly in the hands of Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama has toured the country visiting some of the worst areas of unemployment lying to the American people that he is, “focused on jobs,” or that he, “will not rest,” until every American is back working again. Yet at every opportunity his ONLY , “focus,” is on the creation of the massive government entitlement that is falsely called, “health care reform,” and throwing money around wherever possible as it fits his agenda borrowing on tomorrows credit.

Obama’s every move economically not only takes away jobs because of the damage his policy does to the private sector but using government as a constant source in meddling with an already struggling economy does nothing but add to the problem rather than solve it. Government never has nor ever can create a job. Jobs come from the private sector especially small business and when taxes rise, regulation increases and all incentive for any business to expand and create jobs is stopped in order to satisfy a political agenda, unemployment will never improve.

Many who use the argument, in defense of Obama economic policy, that the onset of WWII was responsible for the end of the Great Depression AND it was government spending which caused this, forget to mention one important fact. While government spending in the building of war supplies was responsible for the end of the Depression and the massive unemployment due to that Depression it was NOT government who created the jobs which caused this turn around.

The massive expansion for the military buildup in WWII was all in the private sector. The money spent paid for supplies which were built in private sector factories. Those factories were completely run by the private sector and the hiring of employees which ended the unemployment problem was also a result of private sector hiring. Government did not create the jobs nor did government control the jobs. The private sector was responsible creating a booming economy which out lasted the war and extended well into the sixties when government stepped in to create LBJ’s , “Great Society,” expanding government and the welfare state slowing the economy with entitlements and taxation to pay for the government expansion.

The private sector path is not the direction Obama is taking today. Any so called job creation that he pushes has nothing to do with the private sector only government. His spending prevents any economic expansion since he only spends for the expansion of government and to throw money toward interests which satisfy his political agenda.

Millions for education for a system where money has not or cannot solve our continuing education problem especially since it is governments involvement which created the problem in the first place. Billions to bailout failed businesses, which if handled solely by the private sector would be allowed to fail and not become a drain on the economy. Then using the bailouts as an excuse to increase regulation to control the bailed our businesses. Regulations which end incentives for successful businesses to achieve and grow, thus losing more jobs, stifling productivity and/or causing business to close up shop because of excessive government intervention decreasing profits.

Obama attempts to deceive the public by announcing the elimination of Capital Gains taxes for small business. A tax which small businesses do not pay in the first place. While at the same time increasing taxes on the, “evil,” corporations, and the so called, “rich,” which in reality is a total trickle down tax increase for all Americans. If Obama truly wanted to provide incentive for job creation and hiring then an across the board business tax cut as well as an individual tax rate cut would put money back into business who would use it to expand creating jobs and the individuals would spend more stimulating the economy which would also cause business expansion to create jobs.

But this is beyond the thinking of Barack Obama since it does not involve government intervention and government control. Expanding government and spending tax payer and borrowed money is Obama’s only answer to, “solve,” the problem with government being the only, “solution.” Which in itself increases the debt, explodes deficits and devalues the dollar taking further incentive away from the private sector since purchasing power diminishes, consumer spending decreases making for a stagnant or decreasing national economy and increased unemployment.

Of course the 9.7% figure does not take into count the millions who have stopped looking for non-existent jobs which in actuality by most estimates place the real unemployment numbers between 15 and 17 percent. Americans who are lost in the system because in their discouragement they have simply given up.

So the question to ask is, “how can we stop this Obama mess ?” Remember a President can only propose spending, legislation, regulations and political agendas. Congress then creates legislation or makes appropriations to pay for Presidential proposals. Stopping Obama’s destructive path depends on eliminating a Congress who gives him Carte Blanche in funding and/or legislating his radical and reckless agenda.

This is why the November mid-term election is of far greater importance than normal for non-presidential election years. For the sake of our economy, vote to clean house in November. For the sake of the millions who are unemployed, vote to clean house in November. For the sake of American business, vote to clean house in November. For the sake of our children and grand children who will pay for this mess, vote to clean house in November. For the sake of the future of our Nation vote to restore sanity and fiscal responsibility by electing conservative Representatives and then holding them to the fire, accountable in their every move to we the people!