The Founders Vision Is Obama's Nightmare

The Founders of our Nation had a vision of a country which would allow complete freedom to its people without the interference of government in their lives. A Nation of laws that would protect the people while hindering the government from using those laws as a means of taking the rights of the people without following a specified process that protects those rights. The Founders provided the means and the instruction for this Nation of limited government in our Constitution.

Our Constitution outlines in detail the powers of the government as well as the rights of the people and the principles that were applied in this sacred document are as powerful and meaningful today as they were when those brilliant minds conceived the idea of this, “grand experiment, ” called The United States.

One of the greatest principles found within our Constitution, a principle that many of our citizens until just recently had forgotten, is that we the people are the force behind our Constitution. We are its author, its protector and its governor in the fact that the people are the true leadership of this Nation since it is we who decide who is placed in the positions of power over us and it is we who decide whether they are accomplishing what we intended for them to accomplish.

It is also we who decide, if they fail to accomplish what we elected them for, it is we who have the Constitutional authority through our vote to fire them or re-hire them for another term of office. Most politicians have neglected and/or forgotten that we the people are their boss and it is we the people who decide whether their job continues or whether it is terminated. Our own negligence in adhering to this Constitutional principle has allowed those we placed in power over us to run rampant and that is why we find ourselves in the trouble our Nation faces today.

But thanks to the arrogant and overbearing presence of Barack Obama who does not believe that our Constitution grants the people the authority over him. Nor believes that the Constitution declares as its central principle that government is to be limited and the Founders intention was that government would not be the provider for the people but only their protector from enemies and mediator through law to settle differences between the people. Thanks to his arrogance the sleeping giant, the American people have awakened.

This arrogant and purposeful omission by Obama of the true and real intent found within our Constitution which was and is the vision for our Nation handed down from our Founders has become Obama’s nightmare because of the grand awakening of the people to this truth as a result of Obama’s venture into Socialism especially through health care.

Last week Obama and his partners venture was displayed before the American people in what they believed would be the Coup de grace of all opposition to this venture of socialism through health care in a televised health care conference where they believed that their presentation of sob stories and lecturing would cause all who oppose the great socialism venture to bow before the throne of Obama in abject humility and bow to the intellectual elitism of these socialists whose arrogance dictates that they and only they know what is best for all concerned.

Not only did those in Washington who oppose Obama’s grand socialism venture set the record straight and not cave to this arrogant display as they were expected to do, but we the people who have been up in arms for many months increased our numbers and determination to stand against the arrogance of Obama and his partners and prevent their attempts to destroy the vision of our Founders and the Nation that that vision created.

This is precisely why this socialistic venture by Obama and partners has become a nightmare to them and their attempts to control us through their legislative initiatives. While standing before the public and their media cohorts with a perceived confidence that what they are doing is necessary and deceiving themselves that it has the support of the people, behind the scenes it is a different story.

In the back rooms and in their personal offices and studies these arrogant elitists are truly dumbfounded that the people who they believed were putty in their hands and lambs for the slaughter, they are flabbergasted that we the people are angered by their initiatives. They are surprised that we do not want their government control. They are puzzled why we are fighting their attempts to, “take care of us.”

After all, as they believe, it is the sole responsibility of the government to provide for the people and to control all that they do so that the people will be dependant upon the very entity, government, that is supposed to be the furthest thing from our minds as a free people so that we have the freedom to pursue what we deem right for our lives and prosper as our own abilities and talents allow.

That was the vision of the Founders and that is the intent of the principles found within our Constitution. We the people understand this now and are standing upon these principles as the means to oppose these arrogant elitists and Obama and his partners are hell bent on fighting this opposition and determined regardless of the consequences to complete their socialist venture even if it destroys our Nation and eliminates our freedom.

But it is also their arrogance which will eventually be their downfall and works more to their detriment rather than their favor. This arrogance which puzzles them as to why they are being opposed also blinds them to the truth that although they are in charge of the government our Constitution and the people who back it are still in charge of the country. It is we who still decide whether they have a job or not and it is we who control their political destiny.

That is why even though Obama and his partners have control of the reigns of governmental power they have not been able to force this socialist monstrosity down our throats and it has failed time and again to pass. If it had not been for the grand awakening of the people this debacle would have flown through Congress last year as quickly as the stimulus package which was forced through while the people were still asleep.

This is why regardless of their arrogant perceived confidence I believe that health care as well as the rest of Obama’s socialist agenda will fail and not become the reality the elitists believe it will. While Obama and the Congressional leadership in their arrogance and power hungry circus continue to try and force this agenda, those who know they have to face us are afraid of we the people and the anger we justifiably are expressing.

That is why the votes for passage even in reconciliation are not available. That is why though Democrats have had the capability of passing every aspect of Obama’s agenda without the first GOP vote, the center piece of that agenda, health care is still hanging only by a thread and the rest of the agenda is in limbo.

Remember though, that it is their arrogant determination and deception which also compels our fight to continue and to escalate. We cannot rest on the victories through the election process that we have already won. Nor can we take for granted that the shake up that everyone is predicting in November is a given. So our fight must continue and our opposition even louder and more intense then ever before.

We will win this war and and we the people and our Constitution in which we stand will prevail but the victory is not yet achieved and the battles must still be fought. Through our voice and their arrogance more of our fellow citizens must be awakened. It is our patriotic duty to stand against this and it is our Constitutional duty to prevent it.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth