Sarah Palin A Distraction For The Left In 2010

I like Sarah Palin. Although I am not sure as to whether she has the capability of winning a Presidential election or not, I can say this without any reservation for those who think she is not qualified or capable of becoming President. She is eminently more qualified than the one who now holds the office and displays much more sense and understanding of the people than Barack Obama ever dreamed.

In fact her ability to connect with the people is one of her most endearing qualities and that is one of the main reasons she angers the left as she does. This combined with the fact that this gun toting, pro-life, woman who is also a loving mother does not meet the lefts definition of the, “liberated,” career minded, abortion favoring idea of what a woman should be.

This has placed Sarah Palin in a unique position as far as American politics is concerned. She is very polarizing which in most instances is the doom for a politician who seeks higher office especially the Presidency. But many polls have seen favorable numbers for her in 2012. But as I mentioned earlier, at least in light of the current political climate, I do not believe Palin can be elected President if she were to choose to run in 2012.

But whether she runs or not she is sparking debate that needs to be discussed, calling it like it is in reference to Obama policy and the direction that he and the Democrats are leading the country and generally making waves in places that irritates and distracts the Democrats in this all important mid term election year of 2010.

The left, especially those in the Pravda Obama loving media tend to focus on Sarah Palin much more than they should in an off Presidential year election. This focus on her and 2012 has become a major distraction of the left and the ever present probability that Democrats are going to get their tails handed to them in November because of the anger of the American people toward their policy and their irresponsible spending.

Everyone from Obama, and his Court Jester press secretary Robert Gibbs to many in Congress and the left wing media spend a great deal of time either commenting on or discussing Sarah Palin and especially what she has to say about the leftist agenda of Democrats. Much of what they say is in the form of personal attacks against her, but their focus on her and her possibilities in 2012 show that they see her as a threat and this makes her a distraction which takes their focus off of 2010 to a certain extent which is good. It only helps to reinforce their own sense of denial that the people are fed up with them and likely to boot them out in November.

Yet Democrats are very deceptive and use every means in their deceiving arsenal to trick the American people. Their tricks have time and again caused Americans especially those who are not prone to follow politics, into falling for their deception and the traps that they set which have consistently taken us down the road we are on and brought us to the brink of the Obama socialism that we are fighting today. Yes, the GOP has been an all to willing assistant in this process but the lions share of the socialist slide rests with Democrats.

This deception which is a key element of Democrat politics may also be part of the reason that the left is focusing so much on Sarah Palin. Their focus on her and 2012, while good in light of the attention it takes off of their losing in 2010 and their denial of that loss can also be used as a tool on their part to take the focus off of the all important Congressional elections and move the minds of the American people away from 2010 and looking rather toward 2012 and the Presidency only.

The Tea Party movement and the anger of the people is drawing a great deal of attention on the failings of the Obama administration and the liberal Congress of Pelosi and Reid. But if you pay close attention to much of the coverage of the anger and the Tea Parties, the focus is quickly shifted toward Palin and how polarizing she is and her possible quest for 2012. Thus taking the coverage of the present day anger off of the 2010 elections and placing on 2012.

Those of us who are politically savvy and watch closely what is taking place are not going to fall into trap set by the left to take the focus off of 2010. But many in John Q public can if we are not careful and in like manner spend too much time discussing 2012 and the Presidential election and not focusing singularly on the first obstacle in defeating the socialist agenda and that is cleaning house in 2010.

2012 is still much to far away for there to be so much focus on who will run for President and what candidate is most viable for the GOP nomination. Even the discussion of a third party alternative, which will guarantee an Obama victory, is much too early in light of the importance of the 2010 mid terms. There is far too much discussion is conservative circles like talk radio and even on many of the blogs about 2012, when the singular focus must be 2010.

Sure an occasional foray into 2012 possibilities is fine but far too much focus on 2012 is taking place and it has become a distraction to the mid term elections. Most Americans are tired of listening to politics and if too much time is spent on an election which is still nearly three years away the very short term interest of most Americans will quickly be turned off and the great house cleaning that most of us are wanting may be only a few seat change due to lack of voter turn out as a result of faded interest.

We must be careful not to allow ourselves to fall for the Democrat 2012 distraction whether it is because of their denial over a 2010 loss or an intentional push to take the focus off of the mid terms. While 2012 will be important in order to boot Obama out, 2010 in many ways has a higher importance because if we do not clean house in a way that will tie Obama’s hands for the remainder of his one term Presidency, then there may not be a country left to save come 2012.

The talk about Sarah Palin is good and if the distraction she is causing on the left takes their focus off of the mid terms and enforces their denial in losing the House and the Senate then let them continue to focus on her and her Presidential aspirations. But we who know the score and understand fully the ramifications of the 2010 elections and must set a straight and narrow course to defeating both Democrats and RINOS and taking the Congress back from the socialists who control it now.

Though there has been much focus on Palin and 2012, she understands the necessity of 2010 and when she is interviewed or making a speech her focus is on the mid terms with short forays into 2012. Let the left look toward 2012. Let them use their deception as they always have, but we must remain focused on the first hurdle and that is this years election. Keeping that focus and telling the truth to the American people will bring about what we need and desire for the survival of our Republic. Once that is attained in November, THEN we can focus on 2012 and sending Obama to an early retirement.

Ken Taylor    The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth