The Audacity Of A Dope, By Barack Obama

We are witnessing something unprecedented in United States history. A President whose arrogance and audacity lead him to believe that he has the right and the authority to lecture those who are supposedly his peers, look down upon and ignore the American people who are legally and Constitutionally his boss, all the while presiding over a failed administration and making claims that even those who have supported him know to be untrue.

The spectacle that was called the State of the Union Address last week was the most blatant show of arrogance yet in the Obama Presidency. To stand before the Congress, the Joint Chiefs and the Supreme Court and use what is Constitutionally called in Article II, Section 3 a time to, “give to the Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient,” for Obama to use this more as an opportunity to lecture and condemn was a disgusting display and far from being anything resembling Presidential.

He not only used the platform as an arrogant lecture to the Congress, especially those who have the unmitigated, “gall” to dare to oppose his,” Highness’s,” agenda and policy, but to actually publicly condemn and insult the Justices of the Supreme Court to their very faces and to do so while totally misrepresenting the very case in which he used to insult them has not only NEVER happened before in our history but was again a blatant display of just how power hungry and arrogant this Presidential pretender truly is.

Sure, Presidents have always disagreed with Supreme Court decisions and have even made comment upon those decisions but Obama not only took it way to far by publicly condemning the Court during the Address but to their face demanding that the Congress create legislation to counter the decision. All of which prompted a justifiable response by the usually stoic Justices during such proceedings when Justice Alito bowed his head at the Presidential lie and uttered to himself, “not true,” which happened to be picked up by cameras.

This was but one moment of a 70 minute lecture by Obama which had no substance but was more a display of an angry man who was acting like a child that cannot get his way and throws a temper tantrum. The State of the Union is not a time to lecture or condemn and the job of the President as outlined in our Constitution is not one of, “Lecturer in Chief.” For Obama to even assume that by lecturing Congress is his ,”Presidential,” responsibility are the actions of an arrogant and elitist ideologue.

But the State of the Union Address was not the end of the arrogance lecture tour of Barack Obama last week. Two days later he, by invitation, went to the House Republican retreat in Baltimore, MD. During his speech and the subsequent question and answer session which followed Obama not only lectured GOP House members but told them that he was not a ideologue, (an obvious blatant lie), and that their opposition to his policy was wrong and the only way to end partisan bickering was to get on board with his agenda.

One of the most telling lies during the visit was when Obama was asked during the Q and A about his promise of transparency by using CSPAN to cover all of the proceedings of the health care debacle. Obama actually had the gall to answer the query by stating that CSPAN has covered all of the health care proceedings. I guess if you consider a picture of a closed door as coverage than this Presidential lie is actually a truth.

Obama then proceeded to arrogantly condemn the way that his agenda and policy have been opposed by telling GOP members that they acted as if it were some, “Bolshevik,” plan. Which of course was his way of making reference to both the Tea Party opposition and those in Congress who have come out against his socialistic agenda.

The post State of the Union White House spin now has become that the GOP is the reason that Obama’s agenda is stalled and that they must get on board and contribute constructive ideas rather than just being obstructionist. Of course none of this spin takes into account the fact that Obama and the Dems have shut out Republicans in ALL legislative initiatives and ignored every idea put forth by the GOP especially with health care.

Also the fact that prior to the election of Scott Brown Democrats did not need one GOP vote to pass anything therefore the actual obstruction came from their own ranks and NOT the GOP. But this all falls in line with the arrogant blame game that has been the hall mark of Obama since taking office. Blame Bush, blame the GOP, blame the Supreme Court, blame the American people, blame anyone but the true source of the blame which is Barack Obama.

Now the arrogant fool believes that he can revive the, “hopey, changey,” campaign of no substance and grand rhetoric which propelled him into the Oval Office in 2008. The difference now is that the vast majority of the American people and even many in the formerly supportive media are not buying into this charlatan as they did before.

One year of failed governing is countering the flim flam side show which elected this pretender and unlike Bill Clinton who moved toward the center after Hillarycare failed and especially after the GOP take over in 1994, Obama is too much of a ideologue to follow Clinton’s example. Also his arrogance prevents him from making the move because the delusional fool actually believes he is doing what the people and the country want despite all polling showing otherwise.

This ideologue arrogance will prompt him to continue down the leftist path he has started but now the fact that eyes are open and the people as well as many in Congress are not willing to follow this pretender as before will bring about a devastating defeat for Obama and the Dems in November and a one term Presidency for Obama if he does not provide the means to bring about his impeachment and removal from office for over stepping his Executive authority and failing to fulfill his oath to protect the people and defend the Constitution.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth