The State Of The Union Stinks And It's Obama's Fault

The Constitution of The United States requires the President to report to Congress once a year on the state of the Union. Our early Presidents sent a letter to Congress but the modern Presidency makes it a media event and Obama takes the stage to deliver his first State of the Union Address.

If he were honest, which he is not. If he had any integrity, which he does not. If he had any credibility, which he does not the following would be Obama’s State of the Union Address.

“Mr. Vice President, Madame Speaker, members of Congress, honored quests and fellow Americans, the State of the Union stinks and it is my fault that we are in the predicament we find ourselves in as we begin 2010. I entered the Presidency having absolutely no clue as to what being a President meant and I allowed the power I gained to go to my head and made many seriously stupid decisions.

At my behest, Congress has spent our country near bankruptcy. I pushed for a massive stimulus package which I claimed to you the American people a necessity to prevent our economy from collapsing but in actuality all it truly was, was a massive spending bill which gave my fellow democrats an opportunity to finally spend on every pet project that we have longed for over the last twenty years.

I now see that my haste to spend has caused unemployment to rise dramatically putting millions of you out of work and I do not have the first clue as to how to stop the spiraling unemployment because I am against American business and free enterprise since as far as I’m concerned they are all evil and only the government can solve problems even though this approach that I am using has never worked before. But I truly do not care because it is my destiny to control every aspect of your life through massive government programs.

I stand with Karl Marx when he stated, “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” This spreading of the wealth is my philosophy and is the basis of my agenda. I have neglected most of my responsibilities in order to push a massive government take over of health care because I want that control and need it as part of my legacy whether you like it or not does not matter.

As far as terrorism is concerned I do not now nor ever have considered terrorism anything more than a criminal act. In fact the only real criminals are those in the prior administration who actually thought that these Islamic brothers,who are only reacting to the evil that this country has promoted around the world, the real criminals are those who went to war with these innocents who are only standing for their right to practice their religion in their own way.

Every individual who causes an man caused disaster deserves the same Constitutional rights as American citizens and I will continue to make this the practice as long as I am President. They should have the opportunity to express in a court of law their true feelings about this country and the evil that we are and I am determined to give them that opportunity.

So citizens of American while you think that the state of our Union stinks, I do not. While you do not like what I am doing, well who cares because you have never known what is best for you and it is my responsibility to make sure that you become wards of the government and that freedom is only something that we talk about in history books. The Founders and the Constitution provided only a series of negative liberties and I am going to make sure that this is no longer what America is about.

We are a nation of by and for the government and whether you like it or not that is what I am going to force on each of you and that is the state of the Union that I want and will do everything in my power to make a reality in America. Thank you and good night.”

No matter what Obama says in his First state of the Union, this is what he is saying behind the scenes and if he were truly completely transparent as he claims, this would be his address.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth