The Week The Obama Presidency Died

No one, not even members of the Obama administration are denying that last week was a very bad week for Barack Obama and the Democrats. The stunning victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts and the decision by the Supreme Court on campaign finance both dealt a gut wrenching blow to the left and the true effects have yet to be realized.

For we Conservatives to think that one election and a favorable court decision is the end of our fight against the left and their socialist take over of our country through massive spending and big government would be completely naive and absurd. Though a gut wrenching blow the left still controls two Branches of the government and have a solid majority but not an unstoppable one as before.

But knowing my fellow conservatives as I do, we fully understand that last weeks victory, though sweet, was just the beginning of many more battles in taking our country back and restoring true Constitutional principles and discipline in Washington. While we understand that this was just a start, Obama does not understand in the least that last week was an absolute referendum on both he and his agenda and that is why his Presidency died as a result.

In his first interview after Brown’s Tuesday victory the arrogant Obama stated that the same, “wave of anger, ” which swept him into office also swept Scott Brown into office. He went on to say that this anger he referred to was a response to, ” the last eight years,” or in other words it was a result of the Bush Presidency. Obama actually stated that a Republican was elected in the bluest of blue States, not because voters were angry at him but because they were angry at Bush.

This arrogance of Barack Obama in failing to see the hand writing on the wall is the death of his Presidency. Maybe he is not as shrewd a politician as so many have claimed. After the interview he went on another campaign trip holding staged town hall meetings and continued the exact same rhetoric as he has since taking office. Additionally his only action taken as a result of the blows to his administration from last week, was to hire the campaign hack who developed his strategy for the 2008 Presidential run. So Obama’s response is to just INCREASE the campaign mode that he has never departed from.

Many in his party understand what happened last week and this too will add to Obama’s trouble because they will no longer be as willing to walk in lock step with Obama, Reid and Pelsoi in an election year that has started off so bad for Democrats. Obama obviously does not see the truth and the reality of the anger of the American people being directed toward both he and his agenda and it is and will continue to be his political undoing.

He obviously is no longer following the Clinton mold as he was when he appointed two thirds of his staff from former Clintonites. After the defeat of Hillarycare during the first half of Bill Clinton’s first term, Bubba saw that governing from the far left as he did during those first two years was a failed proposition. He began moving somewhat reluctantly toward the center and as a result even with the GOP landslide of 1994, Clinton won re-election to a second term.

Barack Obama is not from that mold. Clinton moved to the center because he understood that the country does not like extreme liberalism. Obama so believes that it is his destiny to deconstruct American and rebuild it in a leftist/socialist form that rather than understanding what happened last week and learning from it he sees it more as a momentary obstruction in his road to the left that he must go around to continue down his chosen path.

Ha cannot and will not accept that the American people are angry at what he has already done. And frankly because he believes the deconstructing of American as his destiny, he could care less that his agenda is opposed by the majority of the American people. This is why he is so much more dangerous than Bill Clinton and why we must double our efforts to fight he and his agenda.

Like a wounded animal Obama will lash out even more than he has in the past. Sure he may try to sugar coat it so that is looks like he understands what has happened but the reality is that Obama will not stop in his quest nor will he allow the will of the American people to deter him. This is why he has hired a campaign hack to create a strategy for this election year.

He will try to rebuild the aura that he had during the 2008 election year and once again try and hypnotize the American people with smooth talk and grand empty pictures like he did during his Presidential campaign and attempt to capitalize once again on the practice of many Americans to fall for a scam rather than stand for a principle.

The difference this time is that a majority of Americans have seen through the glitter and truly see Obama for the no substance and empty talk political hack that he is and his smooth campaign style which worked in 2008 no longer works on 2010. The very flim flam which blinded many Americans into voting for him is now a death blow for his Presidency because his actions since taking office has revealed just how lacking he is and his policy has shown that it is NOT what the people want and no amount of campaigning is going to overcome his failure and lack of ability.

Sure there are still some Americans whose eyes are not open and who will follow the Pied Piper approach that Obama proved successful in 2008, but they are a minority in 2010. Yet I do believe that there are enough of these followers to stroke Obama’s arrogant ego which will enable him to continue to think that he has the bull by the horns and that we who oppose him are nothing more that, “right wingers,” who are small in number and not the true majority of Americans as we are.

This is why that though there are still three long years left before we can finally say goodbye to Obama in The White House, last week marked the death of his Presidency and just as his first year in office was marked with continual failure, the remaining three years will be filled with much more failure. The difference now is that he will not have such a willing majority to assist him because many Democrats understand what is happening and their political survival is more important to them than bowing to Obama.

Additionally November is coming and since last week obviously did not faze Obama nor deter him from what he considers his destiny, the mid terms will be the total house cleaning that we have looked forward to for many years giving control of the Legislative Branch back to the people and as a result the further tying of Obama’s hands and his agenda. So while we savor our victory we cannot rest for a moment in our fight to restore our Republic and take back our country.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth