Scott Brown Wins And The Revolution Has Begun

With a six point margin of victory Republican Scott Brown has defeated liberal Democrat Martha Coakley taking the seat that was once thought the safest in the entire Senate because it was held by a Kennedy. Browns victory tonight sends a clear and strong message that the people are fed up and the Revolution to take back our country from Obama and his Marxist agenda has not only begun but has a head of steam that is unstoppable.

The election of Brown signals the end of the sixty vote majority in the Senate and ties the hands of Harry Reid and Obama as Republicans now have the ability to filibuster any legislation which is before the Senate especially health care. In his victory speech Brown said that the people of Massachusetts clearly rejected health care. Their voice echoes the voice of the majority of Americans.

Brown also made one of the greatest statements against Obama’s move to criminalize terrorism when he stated, “that our tax dollars should be used for weapons to use against terrorists and not lawyers to defend them.” Brown covered every issue that is angering the American people and clearly stated that the Senate seat that he has won is the.” people’s seat,” and he will follow the will of the people as a Senator from Massachusetts.

Democrats are running scared as they are seeing the ramifications of Browns victory. A report on the Drudge Report indicates that California Democrats fear a similar situation taking place against Democrats like Barbara Boxer as the backlash against Democrats ignoring the will of the people extends from coast to coast. Democrats are already trying to spin the loss blaming it on Coakley and not as a referendum against Obama and the agenda being forced through by Democrats.

A new day has dawned in Washington but the arrogance of Obama and the left will not see it as the massive defeat and referendum it truly is. They will continue to follow the same path that they have been on for the entire year since Obama took office. The difference now is that they cannot force their trash through the Senate now that Brown has eliminated the sixty votes needed to pass major legislation.

Now is not the time for conservatives to drop our guard because of this tremendous victory. Just as the original, “shot heard ’round the world,” in Lexington which began our Revolution for Independence was the first salvo ending British rule, Browns victory in like manner is also the first salvo of the Conservative Revolution. Their will be set backs just as our Continental Army suffered set backs. But diligence and perseverance prevailed to defeat the British as American Patriots continued the fight until the final victory at Yorktown.

We too must be diligent and strong continuing the fight to clean house in Congress in November and then boot Obama out in 2012. We cannot rest nor can we waver until we have taken our country back and restored freedom and government of the people and by the people. My fellow 2010 Patriots, rejoice in our victory but only as the beginning of our march to total victory.

Then once that is achieved we can NEVER again become complacent to allow this socialist nightmare to make its way into the White House and Congress again. Our Founders intended for we the people to be diligent and make those who we elect to office fully accountable to the people. We are taking our county back and we will NEVER let it slide away from us again!

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth