Scott Brown Has Already Dealt A Major Blow To Obama And The Dems

No matter what the outcome of Tuesdays special Senate election in Massachusetts, Scott Brown has already dealt a major blow to Barack Obama and the Democrats. With only a few days remaining before the election which will fill the seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy, polling has Brown leading Martha Coakley by anywhere from two to six points and the momentum is clearly in Browns favor.

Independents who comprise a large voter block in Massachusetts have been moving dramatically toward Brown over the last two weeks and this key voter block is likely to bring victory to Brown in Tuesdays election. But even if Brown does not win, his showing for this seat is a major blow to Obama and the Democrats. This has been a Kennedy seat since JFK won it in 1952 and has always been considered a safe seat for Democrats.

That fact that Brown has moved from a 31 point deficit to leading in polling shows just how disgusted Americans are with the policy and agenda of Obama and Democrats who are trying to force through his agenda in Congress. The center piece of Obama’s agenda, health care is the major stumbling block for the Dems and it has assisted in giving Brown the lead and likely the Senate seat.

Martha Coakley has indicated that she will vote in favor of health care while Scott Brown is adamantly opposed to Obamacare. Massachusetts has a State version of universal health care in place and the program is bankrupting the State and opposed and disliked by a majority of residents. Massachusetts voters are standing in opposition to the problems they are already experiencing through their State health care debacle being forced on America on a federal level.

This combined with a terribly run campaign by Coakley and a well managed campaign by Brown are contributing to Browns lead and the very distinct probability of this seat becoming GOP. Democrats are already circling the wagons making excuses for the pending defeat and trying to spin it as anything but a referendum on Obama. But Browns surge and especially a victory IS a referendum on Obama and his agenda and is a clear view of what Democrats face in the November election.

Democrats are finally beginning to pay the price for ignoring the people who are clearly in opposition to not only health care but the excessive spending, deficits and general leftist policy of Obama and his supporters in Congress. The usually liberal State of Massachusetts in continuing the defeat the Democrats trend which began last November with a switch from Democrat leadership to GOP Governors in the States of New Jersey and Virginia. All three States, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia went for Obama with wide margins in 2008 and all three are clearly angered which is equating to a move from Obama and Democrats.

Even some of the most liberal polls are now giving Obama low approval ratings and his agenda is experiencing even lower ratings. Health care specifically is down to the low thirties in approval in most polling yet Obama, Reid, Pelosi and other Democrats who speak on the subject act as if the American people are only pretending to oppose and actually favor health care. These liberal yo yos in DC have turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the people and that anger is increasing everyday and the Massachusetts Senate race is just another example of that anger being manifested into a reality of opposition and defeat for Democrats and a striking referendum on Obama.

Arrogantly pretending that this trend of defeat and the true anger of the people against Democrats and Obama is at a point where their constant spin that this is just a, “right wing teabaggers,” conspiracy is no longer playing even in the liberal press as many from CNN to Huffington Post have begun criticizing Obama’s action and his policy. The anger is across the board and not just with conservatives, but conservative candidates are the ones benefiting from the anger and Scott Brown is one of those which means likely victory on Tuesday.

The conservative message is taking hold across the Nation especially since it is in vast contrast to the policies and agenda of Obama which has angered the majority of Americans. The people even many on the left still believe in our Constitutional Republic and do not like the socialistic power grab that is taking place under the Obama administration and are clearly speaking against it with protest and their vote.

Democrat if they were smart should wake up to the truth that they have angered Americans. But Democrats are not smart, they are arrogant and believe that they and only they know what is best for the people and it is their destiny to take us kicking and screaming to their idea of a leftist utopia. Hiding what they are doing through secret meetings and controlling what little is actually told to the public is how they plan to attempt to continue and force Obama’s leftist utopia on Americans.

So fight them we are and the election of Scott Brown with the 2010 version of, “the shot heard around the world, ” which also like the first one appropriately in the State of Massachusetts, is one more salvo in conservative and Constitutional victory to stop American socialism under Obama. If Democrats want to have an even greater revolt, then I challenge them to just try and use reconciliation or other under handed means to attempt to overcome the blow that is being handed to them through the election process and the wrath of the American people that they are already experiencing will be minimal in comparison to what they will know by continuing to play games with our freedom.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth