Gas Prices Skyrocketing - Thank Obama

It is Tuesday night and a friend who works at a convenient store told me that his manager stated that the price for a gallon of gas will be twenty cents higher tomorrow. Twenty cents in a matter of hours. Gas has risen nearly 70 cents per gallon in recent weeks and the news is that we will not stop before it is once again over three dollars a gallon.

Why is gas skyrocketing again when there is in actuality a glut of oil on the market ? Supply is easily meeting and exceeding demand since travelers are scarce because of the slow economy. OPEC has not cut production and oil is flowing freely from all sources yet the price of a barrel of oil continues to rise and the price at the pump has increased regularly for the last few months.

During the last skyrocketing gas price speculators and a general problem with production not meeting demand caused prices to go through the roof. None of those reasons are behind this current rise in gas prices because demand has greatly decreased because of a slow economy not only in The United States but throughout the world. Yes the increase in usage of oil in China and India has to some degree hurt gas prices but even their greatly increased demand is being met by oil producing Nations. Also the changes having to be made by refineries as they move from winter blends to spring/summer blends has some influence on oil prices but not to the extent that we are experiencing.

So what is the major cause for this massive increase in gas prices ? Putting it bluntly Barack Obama and his cronies in the Democrat Congress are much of the blame for this pain to our pocket books from the gas pump. Presidents have been blamed for increased gas prices before but in actuality a President of The United States usually has no control over gas prices except if he releases oil from our strategic reserve to help in a shortage.

So how is Obama to blame for this massive gas hike ? The ridiculous spending of the Obama administration and the massive deficits he has created combined with the tremendous amount of currency that the Treasury Department has printed in order to pay for Obama’s over spending has so devalued the US dollar which is the currency that oil prices are based upon that a barrel of oil which would cost 20 – 25 dollars less has out of necessity increased in order to compensate the decrease in the value of US currency.

The devalued dollar by the irresponsible spending and massive deficits created by Obama has so cheapened the dollar that it has directly affected the price of a barrel of oil as oil producers are having to increase the price in order to cover the cost of that same barrel which would be much less if the dollar was not as devalued as it has become.

So the next time you visit the gas station and notice that it takes several dollars more to fill your tank now than it did even a few days ago, be sure to thank Barack Obama for the pain in your wallet as you fork out the bucks to cover his spending. Most importantly do not forget the valuable lesson that you are learning as you empty your wallet to pay for Obama caused gas increases and let it help you decide on who and how to vote in November in order to eliminate the liberal morons who are assisting Obama in taking your hard earned money for their irresponsible spending!

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth