Obama Transparency, A Transparency Of Lies

Last year during the campaign, Barack Obama was all over the map about transparency. He was going to be the number one show on CSPAN. Everything that his administration and the Congress who bowed under him was going to be broadcast on the cable channel. He stated that his would be the most transparent administration in history.

Well he has kept one portion of that very hollow promise. Obama’s administration is the most transparent administration in history but it is a transparency of lies. One lie right after another beginning with the fact that rather than being transparent this is the most secretive administration and Congress in history. I’m not even sure that the secrecy of the Nixon administration compares with all that has been hidden behind closed doors since last January under Obama.

All of the negotiations for every piece of legislation that has come before this Congress at the behest of Obama has been done in secrecy with Rahm Emanuel, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and a chosen few Democrats who could help ram legislation through a lock step Democrat majority that follow what they are told like zombies. That is except for the few who only vote as a result of million dollar bribes.

Bills with a massive impact such as the trillion dollar stimulus package and the health care debacle were crafted in secret and kept from being read by both members of Congress and especially the American people in this, “transparent,” administration. Yet at every turn Pelosi, Reid and their dear leader Obama have whined before the cameras about their utter transparency thinking that they can dupe the American people into believing their lies.

Obama also promised a totally bipartisan approach to governing like never before in our history bringing with it a new, “tone,” in Washington. Yet at every turn Republicans have been blocked from any participation with all of their legislative initiatives ignored and not once have GOP members been allowed to be part of any negotiations for any legislation.

But before the cameras Democrats accuse the GOP of being obstructionists, blocking all of their legislation while both chambers of Congress have large enough majorities to pass anything they like without any GOP participation. The obstructionist claim is nothing more than a snow job to the American people to try and hide the inner bickering between Democrats as they craft their bribery schemes to buy votes from those who fall in line only after being paid for their prostitution services.

I will admit that there has been some actual transparency in the Obama administration. A transparency which has not only harmed America but threatens the security of the American people. In his move to change American policy about terrorism from an act of war to the pre – 9/11 mentality of being nothing more than a criminal act, Obama has been very transparent in revealing to the enemy our interrogation procedures and screening procedures for airline passengers.

Earlier this year in an obvious move to try and set up the Bush administration for prosecution by the Attorney Generals Office for anti-terrorism policy under the former President, Obama allowed the transparent release of detailed information of who and how intelligence information was gathered and used in combating terrorism. All to the advantage of the enemy as the entire world became privy to our procedures and other important intelligence gathering operations.

In response to the Christmas Day attack to blow up an airliner bound for Detroit the Obama administration in an attempt to cover their tail for the massive failure in preventing this terrorist attack released detailed procedures of how passengers are screened before boarding a plane including how the system and the equipment works making it completely transparent to our enemies so that they could see exactly how to beat our security.

Assisting our enemies in finding ways around our intelligence gathering and our security has been the ONLY transparent thing that has taken place since Obama took office last January. Transparency in governing which was one of the hall marks of his, “hope and change,” campaign for the Presidency has been nothing more than an long series of lies to the American people.

The very things that should be available to the people by our government are hidden and performed in secret while only a smitten of information is given by the inept Robert Gibbs in vague and laughable press conferences. And almost all of what Gibbs says is questionable at best aggravating even the very liberal Helen Thomas among others in the press corps.

Nothing that this inexperienced and under qualified pretender to the Presidency promised during the campaign has taken place. Even the ridiculous promises such as the closing of GITMO one year after he took office has happened though Obama is still pushing for this asinine move even after we have been attacked on the Homeland three times since he took office by the same type of people who are securely held in Cuba.

One of Obama’s favorite catch phrases is, “make no mistake,” which he uses in almost every speech as an attempt to sound resolute and strong. His administration has been a mistake from the very beginning and even the lefties who voted for him are seeing the light as they are abandoning the, “hope and change,” theme for one, that at least for them is more, “fear and despair,” as true leftist liberalism is being shown in all of its failure by the Obama administration and the Reid, Pelosi circus in Congress.

Eloquent speeches and perceived charm do not a President make. The glimmer of both have long worn off with Obama and the American people are getting more and more fed up with his dog an pony show with each passing day. Yet this Chicago thug and his Windy City mafia in The White House continue with their form of business as usual with the like minded assistance of Pelosi and Reid who can’t even stand before the cameras in pressers with our making complete fools of themselves.

Never has their been such a display of arrogance by any administration and this arrogance is being called transparency. It is Obama’s arrogance which makes him believe that all he need do is stand before a camera and say, “make no mistake,” and the awe and wonder of his over blown presence will inspire the American people and the world into believing his lies. Those days are long past but Mr. Arrogance has no clue that his no substance persuasion no longer works. The Flim Flam Man is no longer getting away with his scam.

The whole debacle he calls an administration and the circus that Reid and Pelosi call a Congress both of which would not know transparency if it was thrown directly in front of them, is so pathetic it would be laughable were it not for the fact that it is destroying our country and weakening our security to the point that we are once again as vulnerable as before 9/11.

This is the real danger of what these amateurs and children are doing to our country and the major problem in this is that in their arrogance it has become obvious that they could care less about the ramifications of their actions and their policy. The agenda and their ideology is all that matters and the demise of the Nation and the safety and security of the American people is of no consequence.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth