Barack Obama Terrorism Policy Aiding Al Qaeda Victory

The purpose of Islamic terrorism is to first kill, “infidels,” with Americans at the top of their fanatical list. The second goal of these maniacs is to disrupt our way of life and cause as much havoc as possible to create fear, aggravation and as much trouble as possible. Barack Obama and his reactionary response to the Christmas Day attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane is playing right into the hands and goals of Al Qaeda.

Obama has made these war mongering killers criminals again rather than enemy combatants who we have the right to eliminate because every move they make against us is an act of war. Officially just as before 9/11 because of Obama’s weak policy against terrorism, they are at war with us and we are seeking criminal indictments and court proceedings.

Now that one of these fanatical Islamic lunatics has used his underwear as a weapon in an act of terror, airports all across our Nation are in total chaos and disruption which is precisely what Al Qaeda sought and Obama has pointed fingers, called for increased security screenings for Grandma and Grandpa and all the little kiddies who board planes while refusing to profile the very people who have conducted every single terrorist act in the last ten years.

While it is true that all Muslims are not terrorist all terrorists ARE Muslims and as such out of necessity should be profiled. I have noticed at airports that TSA personnel have no problem with pulling a teenager out of line who dresses in black, has tattoos and grungy hair but to do the same to someone who has the appearance of those who HAVE killed Americans is not politically correct so on Christmas Day one of them waltzed right through security and almost blew up a plane.

I will be willing to bet that while this Islamic fanatic was easily passing through security some elderly white woman was being searched because she packed shampoo in her carry on bag! So who is being punished for terrorist acts ? Certainly NOT those who are committing the terror acts. They are being shipped from GITMO and soon to be in Illinois in a prison located on the Mississippi River. Others are being moved to New York for a show trial which will be the greatest recruiting tool Al Qaeda could ever have and Obama is giving them a world platform to spew their lies about our country.

So who is being punished by Obama’s weak policy ? Every American who boards a plane and has to wait in ridiculously long lines, remove their shoes, go through scanners that reveal all their glory to perfect strangers, and watch Grandma get strip searched because she uses shampoo and didn’t pack it in luggage that went to the planes luggage compartment.

Obama stated in his hollow speech calling for additional security measures that he was STILL closing GITMO because it has, “damaged,” our security interests and been a, “recruiting tool,” for Al Qaeda. Give me a break Obama. You set up a show trial for the world to see for KSM in New York City and say GITMO is a recruiting tool?

A full 1/3 of terrorist attacks and attempted attacks that have been performed since 9/11 have taken place since Obama took office last January. If this does not prove that Al Qaeda and other terrorists see a VERY weak President and a lame and failing policy against terrorism and are doing everything they can to exploit that weakness then I cannot fathom what other evidence is needed.

Obama and his policy is dangerous to America and Americans and his arrogance in appeasing and apologizing shows that he could care less about the security of The United States and we the people. Forcing a political agenda and an appeasement ideology are more important to Obama than his first and foremost responsibility and duty as President to preserve and protect the Constitution and the people of this Nation.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth