2010 Conservative Revolution Not Another Reagan Revolution

2010 is a pivotal and important year for we conservatives. Every election year we are always told by someone that, “this is the most important election ever.” So we get out and do our duty, vote for the candidate of our choice and watch as things in Washington pretty much remain the same but with a few different faces. Almost as if our vote had little or no impact on the direction of our Nation or the minds of the so called, “representatives,” that we placed in Washington.

In 2008 we again were told that it was the,” most important election ever,” and many conservatives for justifiable reason did not show up at the polls and Barack Obama became the 44th President with an almost unstoppable majority in Congress. We heard time and again of the danger of Obama but most simply could not believe that any elected official would actually be as radical and leftist as Obama was under the surface.

We are witnessing the result of that disbelief as Obama is much more leftist and radical than most ever imagined and the Congress that he commands is pretty much falling in lock step with him. In fact the only thing that has to this point slowed his consistent and purposeful march toward an American socialism is the fact that the people are taking a stand against his radical take over and some in Washington are still afraid of the backlash of the people.

With his progressive march to the left, we have all wondered if our opposition has made any difference at all. The answer is an absolute, “yes!” If the people had not taken the stand that we have health care would have been passed in August soon to be followed by Cap and Trade. Because of our stance, health care is still waiting and Cap and Trade is far from even being considered yet

Now back to my original point. Though we have been told in the past that,” this election is the most important ever,” 2010 in actuality IS that most important vote. Though our opposition to Obama and his socialist move has been successful in delaying some of his agenda, because those who work with him in Congress are still in the majority delaying is all that we have been able to do since neither he nor the Democrat leadership care in the least what the people think and that is what makes this election truly, “the most important ever.”

Unless we stand and fight by cleaning house in November eliminating Obama’s majority and those who lead that majority, we will be powerless to stop the total destruction of our Nation and the enslavement of our people to a government dependency which is being forced upon us by leftists who hate America and hate freedom.

2010 is the year of a Conservative Revolution which is necessary to restore our Nation to the Constitutional principles that we have been drifting from for years which has been escalated by Obama and his leftist cronies. The new conservative movement is made up of Republicans, Democrats and Independents who have realized that the direction Obama is taking us will bring about the end of our free Republic and the elimination of our rights as free citizens to ever again stand in opposition to our government and individually control our own destinies without government intervention.

We have experienced in many of our lifetimes a conservative revolution which changed the direction of our Nation and brought with it a restoration to a point of the values and principles that our Founders intended for our Nation. It happened in the later seventies and the eighties with the rise and election of Ronald Reagan and is still referred to as the,” Reagan Revolution.”

Reagan stood against big government, high taxes and advocated a strong military while reminding us daily of Americas greatness and exceptionalism. He believed in the people and our God given ability to achieve and prosper without government in our way. Many of us remember how the Reagan Revolution brought hope during a time when Americans were depressed by years of corruption followed by Jimmy Carter’s weakness and discouragement of our way of life.

Reagan reminded us of who we are as Americans and the greatness of our people and our Nation and we responded to that conservative message. He was a strong leader and Americans responded to his leadership. As a Nation we have once again returned to the depressive and discouraging times like we were before Reagan. But this time the ramifications for our Nation are much more important and dangerous than when Reagan came in the picture in the late seventies.

Additionally the 2010 Conservative Revolution unlike the Reagan conservative revolution does not have one leader who expresses the ideas and direction of the revolution. Where this revolution is different and in many ways more powerful is that rather than the people responding to a dynamic leader we are responding to dangerous circumstances thrust upon our Nation by government authority which threatens our very existence as a free people.

We are truly fighting for our survival as a Republic and the existence of freedom as the center piece of that Republic. This revolution has brought together Americans from all walks of life and all political spectrum’s. The Reagan Revolution brought Americans together but when Reagan left office much of the strength of that revolution left with him. There was a resurgence in 1994 when Republicans took the majority in Congress but the surge lost its way and the line between left and right in Washington faded as everyone spent us into oblivion.

The slide which came about from the end of the Reagan led conservative movement to the Obama led socialist movement was assisted by many in Washington of both parties who forgot who they served and became drunk with political power. Now unlike the Reagan years the people are responding to the danger and not just to a great leader. In fact many in this new revolution only know Reagan from history and what their parents have told them.

This new Conservative Revolution is a growing movement of the people and its numbers are increasing daily as the power hungry Obama and clan weaken our nation and move to destroy our freedom. This movement of the people BECAUSE it does not have one specific leader as the Reagan Revolution had, has the opportunity to be a revolution which can not only return our Nation to Constitutional principles but which out lasts an election and once again returns control and authority of our country to its rightful and Constitutional direction from the people.

This revolution is built on anger against Obama’s take over and a true and undying love for our Nation and our freedom by the people who our Founders empowered as the true strength of our Nation and the authority over any elected official regardless of party or ideology. Our Founders made the people the protectors of our rights and our principles and for many years the people had forgotten this fact. This new Conservative Revolution was born as a result of a great awakening of the people and the momentum and life blood has been because of the activism and involvement of the people and not the strength of a leader.

This revolution has been long needed in our Nation because our complacency has allowed the path that brought us to Obama. Our complacency has given the power to the elected rather than those electing. This new revolution is restoring the power to we who elect and forcing those who are elected to adhere to their true authority which is the people.

So my fellow patriots, conservative revolutionaries and Americans, that is why this is truly the most important election year of our life. It is an election where a revolution of and by the people can restore the power of our Nation to its Constitutional authority the people of The United States as we remove the power hungry leftists and elect conservative representatives of the people who understand and believe in the real Constitutional principles of freedom and limited government.

As we enter this pivotal and important year I know that we can and we will be victorious in defeating the leftists by cleaning house in November which will tie the hands of Obama until we remove him in 2012. While we fight for our Nation and our Constitution this true and real revolution of the people is being looked upon from above and Ronald Reagan who believed in the strength and ability of the people is smiling as he watches our march to victory in 2010.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth