Prostitutes In Congress, Yes They're Elected

“It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.” RONALD REAGAN

The quote above from President Reagan has never been more appropriate in reference to politics and prostitution. The passage of the health care monstrosity last week by Senate Democrats was nothing more than a Nevada led prostitution ring in which Harry Reid pimped out Senators like Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu.

Even Democrat Senators who have supported this unwanted bill from the beginning like Chris Dodd were pimped out by Harry Reid in order to stabilize support for a bill that will force Americans unconstitutionally to purchase health care, increase the deficit, place one fifth of our economy under government control and do NOTHING to actually ,”reform,” health care.

To say that the American people do not want this massive government take over is a understatement. No matter whether one looks at a more left leaning poll or a balanced poll a minimum of 56% of Americans do not want this debacle. Yet the Pelosi, Reid led Congress passed a House and Senate version and have already made plans to bypass normal reconciliation committees to place a final bill on Obama’s desk before the State of The Union address in January.

Buying a vote and giving support when changes are made in accordance to principle are two different matters. Joe Lieberman, who voted for the bill, changed his tune after a provision in which he was against was removed from the bill. While I still disagree with his vote, he at least stood on principle rather than accepting a prostitutional bribe for his vote.

Harry Reid tried to be a comedian after passage when it was learned that he initially voted against the bill and then changed his vote to aye. Stating that he momentarily garnered, “bipartisan support,” with his no vote was not funny in the least. Especially in light of the massive millions prostituted out by Pimp Reid to get this bill passed.

In the House, Nancy Pelosi acted as a bordello Madame doing the very same bribe tactics as her Pimp buddy Harry Reid did in the Senate. Now the Madame and the Pimp will get together after the New Year and rewrite the bill in order to place it on their dear leaders desk so that he can tout how much he helped the American people at the State of The Union .

Obama even delayed his vacation to a rented Hawaiian Villa costing tax payers $ 4000 dollars a day, “sacrificing,” the time to wait for passage in case he was needed. All the while Air Force One was running on the tarmac waiting for the dear leader to emerge from Marine One for his vacation. Of course the cost of the fuel and personnel to keep the plane running does not matter since it was for a, “good cause.” (all sarcasm intended)

Who will suffer from the Congressional Prostitution Ring? The American people. The taxes which include such items as a ten percent tax on the use of tanning beds, will begin immediately and continue for more than four years in order to garner money to supposedly pay for this mess. I imagine that the funds will be placed in a, “lock box,” in order to prevent any of the,”beneficial,” funding from being used before the programs kick in.

Oh wait a minute, wasn’t this how Social security was supposed to work ? All money taken from Americans as a tax for Social Security was deemed untouchable in order to pay for the program. Yet Congress has spent every dime making the program on the verge of bankruptcy especially with the millions of Baby Boomers who are already or close to retirement. Why are we to believe that health care will be any different ?

Additionally wasn’t the very reason that Obama and the rest of the Democrats whined that his monstrosity had to be passed quickly and without reading because millions of Americans are going under everyday because of health care cost and millions are lacking any health care at all ? Yet this debacle does not begin with any type of program until 2014.

From the moment he took office Barack Obama who claimed to be the champion of change and the savior of America and Americans has completely ignored the people. His fellow Democrats in Congress who supposedly represent the people have followed with little exception their dear leader in ignoring the people who are the true Constitutional authority in our land.

We have protested, we have e-mailed, we have knocked down their doors and we have voiced our opposition to this socialist take over by the millions. Yet Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the vast majority of Democrats have chosen to disregard what we think and say and arrogantly force health care and many other unwanted spending down our throats, claiming to be the saviors of our Nation. While all the while being the most destructive force ever to attack our country.

We have been through many wars. We have been attacked on our own soil by enemies who wished our destruction. In every instance when attacked we rose as one Nation to defeat the enemy and preserve our freedom and liberty from the onslaught of aggression against our American way of life.

Though Obama and his Congressional prostitutes have not fired on bullet or sent one sortie against our country, their attack against freedom and liberty is as much a threat as any Pearl Harbor or 9/11. In fact it is a more grave and potentially devastating threat than any war or enemy from beyond our borders because it threatens the very foundation of our Nation and the Constitution which protects the rights of the people.

Abraham Lincoln once stated, “At what point, then, is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a Nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

The attack that Lincoln saw well over one hundred years ago is upon us. It is coming from among us coordinated by Barack Obama and systematically carried out by his two generals Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. As a true Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces Obama is weak and indecisive. But as CIC of the attack against our freedom and liberty he is shrewd and unwavering.

Obama and Congressional Democrats have chosen the American people and our Constitution as the enemy and they are relentless in their attacks against we the people and our founding principles. We are not helpless against this onslaught. Though at times it seem so since they so blatantly and deliberately ignore us.

The battle over health care may have been temporarily lost but the war is far from over. Our numbers in opposition to Obama’s war against freedom and the people are growing everyday. We are the majority of Americans and even many of the Kool Aid drinkers who initially backed Obama are seeing the light and joining our millions.

2010 is our battlefield and the November election is our weapon. Throughout the year we must make every prostitute in service to Madame Pelosi and Pimp Reid miserable every moment until election day. Then we attack and attack by the millions as we win the war to take back our Nation from Obama and his socialists. We clean out the Congressional nest of vipers and elect true representatives of the people who stand for liberty and conservative values which are the true Constitutional values supported by the vast majority of Americans.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth