Democrats Own Health Care And Will Regret It

The House passed their version late on a Saturday night. The Senate holds a 1 AM cloture vote with a final vote scheduled for Christmas Eve. All votes during a time when Americans are paying little to no attention to the news. If this disgusting health care bill is so ,”beneficial,” to the American people then why have Democrats hidden behind closed doors in secret meetings, held votes when no one is watching and refused to allow the bills to be seen?

The obvious answer is that they know what they are doing goes against the will of the people and the only way they could force this debacle down our throats was to do it in secret and with deception. Once the Senate passes their version which was purchased with massive bribes that are as unconstitutional as the bill, the health care deception will move to a reconciliation with the House version which could become yet another war over the so called, “public option,” which is popular in the House.

The illusion that there exists in the Democrat members of Congress more conservative or, “Blue Dog,” Democrats has fallen by the wayside as Democrats fell in line with their leadership to pass this monstrosity. Now this entire debacle belongs to them and only them and they will live to regret it as the people have clearly spoken in Town Hall meetings, Tea Party protests and numerous polls that the government has no business in our health care.

Democrats have chosen to ignore the voice of the people and it will be the demise of their hold on Congress and the eventual demise of Barack Obama making him a one term failed President. 2010 will be a time for we the people to clean house and boot these incompetent and self indulging, spendaholics out of office. Their arrogance and total disregard for Constitutional principles and the will of the American people is their down fall and the crash will be heard next November at the polls.

Michale Steele the RNC Chairman has already indicated that Republicans will run on a platform which calls for the repeal of this health care monstrosity. A sound strategy for defeating Nancy Pelosi’s House and Harry Reid’s Senate sending a devastating message to Barack Obama that his arrogant socialist policy is NOT what the American people want for our Nation regardless of how he tries to spin and disguise it.

The American people are fed up and the passage of health care has become the final nail in their coffin. They have chosen to ignore us so we will take action with our vote and by our voice and protest make their last year in office the most miserable year of their arrogant and deceptive lives.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative truth