Obama to Taliban And Al Qaeda, "hang in there we'll be gone in July 2011"

Barack Obama signaled to our enemies and the world what most of us have known and/or suspected since before he took office, he has no idea what he is doing and his, “strategy,” for Afghanistan emphasis this fact. On the surface the addition of 30,000 troops sounds good until you read the fine print and what Obama said while announcing this, “surge.”

First, the pathetic announcement that The United States would begin pulling out of Afghanistan in July of 2011 clearly signals to the enemy that all they need do is wait eighteen months until we leave and then step in and take over the country. Even an imbecile understands that telling an enemy when you plan to leave the field of battle only allows that enemy to hide and bide its time until deescalation.

Common sense demands that a military action never sets a specific end date, but then no one has ever accused Barack Obama of having any common sense. Once again Obama fails to take heed the lessons of Vietnam. At one point the Vietcong were on the verge of surrendering because we had them on the run. Then it was announced that The United States would begin drawing down our troops and the Vietcong pulled back and went into hiding until the draw down was complete. Within weeks after our signaled withdrawal was over the Vietcong overpowered South Vietnam and have controlled the country since.

Signaling a specific end date also places our soldiers at a clear disadvantage as well as greater danger since troops will now out of necessity be forced to find where the enemy is hiding rather than fight them in the open. Also any war is only won with overwhelming force. 30,000 additional troops sounds great but the slow deployment strategy has the additional forces trickling into the theater for six to eight months which again hampers commanders ability to place great force in a strong offensive with large troop numbers.

Obama also emphasised that the additional troops would be concentrating more on training Afghan forces rather than defeating the enemy. Once again hampering command ability to fight with an overwhelming force and defeat the enemy before they have opportunity to slither into hiding in anticipation of our withdrawal in eighteen months.

It took more than three months to develop this strategy which is weak and very much designed to appease Obama’s liberal base and a political maneuver rather than a strategy for victory, defeating our enemy, destroying Al Qaeda and the Taliban and leave a stable and secure Afghanistan free of terrorist influence. It seems that Obama’s goal is to leave without victory and offer the Afghans as a lamb of sacrifice for the country to once again becomes a terrorist safe haven after the enemy waits out Obama’s signaled end date of surrender. A danger to the world, a danger to the Afghans and most importantly a danger to The United States.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth

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