The Dismantling Of America By Barack Hussein Obama

We are witnessing in our country a calculated and systematic dismantling of The United States of America being planned and executed by the one person who rather than destroying America should be the builder of the Nation. This destroyer is none other than the President. Everything he has done since taking office has been designed to dismantle American society and remake it in accordance to a total socialistic and government dependency ideal that Obama has seen as his destiny to fulfill in changing America.

This man does not care what the American people believe or think because we are the targets of his plan. It cannot succeed unless the very people he was elected to serve become complete dependants on the government which is his tool to use in dismantling America and destroying the free society that has been the hallmark of this Nation since it inception.

From the Stimulus to the bailouts to health care every move he has made has within its legislation and implementation, programs that remove freedom and force dependency of business and individuals on a centralization of power not just in the government but specifically the Executive Branch.

He has appointed more than 30 Czars who unlike those in past administrations whose responsibilities were to work on specific issues and inform the President on how best to approach the issue from a policy stand point, Obama’s Czars have the authority to make policy and to enforce that policy bypassing Congress and increasing the power of the Executive Branch far beyond its Constitutional limits.

The stimulus package which was claimed to be necessary to prevent the collapse of our economy and the rise of unemployment has actually greatly contributed to the record unemployment we are experiencing now. What better way to force Americans to depend on government than to institute a program that dries up their jobs then extend unemployment benefits indefinitely causing hard working Americans to look to the government for their income. Welfare roles have doubled since the stimulus went into affect again creating a greater dependency on the government.

The so called health care reform that has been front and center for months is nothing more that a complete take over of a massive portion of the economy with provisions that punish private business, increase taxation and fine anyone who does not comply with an accompanying jail sentence if the non-compliance continues. The entire debacle is nothing more than yet another forced control of Americans and the dissolving of our freedom.

A close friend of mine is related to a sitting United States Senator. He spent the day with his Senator family member last week and this was related to him by the Senator. After taking office a traditional luncheon between the First Lady and Senate wives took place. In past administrations the First Lady met with the wives and established a relationship that extended in a friendly and working manner throughout past Presidency’s.

Michelle Obama did not attend the luncheon until after the meal was served and refused to associate with any of the wives upon or after her visit. She marched straight to the podium and informed the Senate wives that she was not there to be their friend nor exchange recipes. She was in Washington on mission to support Barack who, in Michelle Obama’s own words was ,”ordained,” from birth and,”divinely,” appointed to be where he is so that he could fulfill his destiny to, “change America.”

We are witnessing Obama’s change. The total rebuilding of American society and the dismantling of the Constitution, our freedoms and liberty and the forced dependency of the people on government with power centralized to the Presidency. This is why Congress has little access to Obama. This is why he does not listen to or care what the people think. He believes that he is,”divinely,” appointed to change our Nation whether we like it or not. Just who has divinely appointed him I do not know, but I suspect it is not the God I serve. But the important thing is that he believes it and it is dangerous for our country and the survival of America as a free Republic.

It is imperative that our fight against Obama’s dismantling of our Nation escalates before we no longer have the ability to fight because of restraints to our freedoms. Legislation at Obama’s behest is being forced through even though the majority of Americans are opposed to it. It almost seems that we are helpless to stop the juggernaut of destruction that is hell bent on dismantling our country. But we are still the people of The United States and there are still many in Congress who pay attention to us and are not brainwashed by the power hungry Obama.

There are many in Washington who are working behind the scenes to slow and stop Obama’s power grab and his plans to deconstruct the country. We still have within our power as citizens to stop this destruction by our voice which is still heard by most in Congress and especially our vote. Obama’s hands can be tied if we eliminate the one avenue he is trying to use to force government dependency and that is the Congress through legislative action. They must fear the people more than they fear Obama. It can be done and it must be done or else one day we will see the fulfillment of this warning from Ronald Reagan, “And if you don’t do this and if I don’t do it one of these days you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children, and our children’s children, what it once was like in America when men were free.”

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth