Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Obama Proclaimed Citizen Of New York For The Show Trial Of The Century

Terrorism is no longer an act of war in The United States. Just as it was before 9/11 it is once again a criminal act thanks to the weakness and imbecilic decisions of Barack Obama. On Friday Attorney General Eric Holder announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the confessed mastermind behind 9/11 and four other 9/11 terrorists would be moved to New York City and displayed before the world in a civil trial. Granted all of the rights and privileges of the Constitution and treated in the same manner as if they were citizens of New York the scene of their Islamic fanatic accomplishment.

Of course when this announcement was made, like previous extremely controversial announcements, Barack Obama was overseas, where he spends most of his time acting like the President of the world. When asked about the decision to hold the trial in New York, Obama passed the buck as he always has to Eric Holder feigning ignorance to the decision. First let’s get one thing straight. As Attorney General and a member of the Cabinet, Holder makes NO decisions of this magnitude without direct permission and orders from his boss Barack Hussein Obama. So this decision was not Holders, it was Obama’s.

By making the announcement while overseas the gutless politician avoided the heat of the immediate after math of not only an unpopular decision but a decision which has dangerous ramifications for our country. Like everything that Obama has done since becoming President, if he cannot get praise for it he avoids it and passes the buck. So on this, the most disgusting decision of his Presidency he heads over seas so he can bow to Emperors and reap praise from his Asian and European socialist fans.

In his announcement Holder claimed that by having the trial in New York, terrorists who planned 9/11 will, “finally,” get the trial they have deserved. Yet the terrorist who planned the bombing of the USS Cole face a military tribunal and not a civil trial like the planner of 9/11 which was a much more devastating act than the Cole. Which begs to ask the question why the difference on trail proceedings ?

The 9/11 trial being made public gives the Obama administration the opportunity to do what they have wanted to do since day one. This travesty will allow the intelligence personnel, intelligence gathering capabilities and especially the Bush administration to be publicly, “tried,” without directly bringing any of the participants directly to trial.

Attorneys for the now, “citizen,” defendants will claim that Miranda rights were not given. They will place water boarding and other interrogation techniques used on these Islamic fanatics on the witness stand for the whole world to see. Confidential intelligence information necessary for the protection of our Nation will be displayed as evidence. In fact I am quite sure that Holder himself has the inside scoop of the direction that the defense will be taking since the attorneys for these Muslim killers are from Holder’s former law firm.

In this, what will soon be circus trial the whole world will be privy to US secrets and the Fanatical Muslim types will cheer as their, “heroes,” are publicly displayed for martyrdom. The headlines of every Jihad newspaper will be filled with twisted facts that will be garnered from the trial proclaiming the injustice of the infidel and the glory of Allah. This travesty will become the greatest recruitment tool for Al Qaeda and terrorism in general that the world has ever seen.

The hell that this public trial will be for the city of New York and especially the families of the 9/11 victims will be beyond description. Of course this isn’t the first time Obama has shown a total lack of sensitivity to New York. Remember the Air Force One flyover that Obama feigned ignorance about ?

Holder and advocates of this New York show trial have defended this by comparing it to the trial of the first World Trade Center bombing. A trial that lasted four years and was also a circus which relived the attack everyday in the media before a conviction was gained. A major difference between the two trial is that we were not at war with the, “defendants,” and they were captured on US soil. The 9/11 terrorists were captured in Afghanistan and were captured as a result of the war therefore are enemy combatants which historically are tried by military tribunal.

This stupidity on the part of the Obama administration in taking enemy combatants of this magnitude to a civilian trial can be compared to taking Admiral Yamamoto, the,”mastermind,” of Pearl Harbor, and had he survived the war placing him on trail in a civilian court in Honolulu. Or placing Herman Goering before a German civilian court rather than the Nuremberg military tribunal which convicted him to death by hanging for his war crimes.

To top of this travesty advocates of this show trial in answer to the danger that the trial places on the City of New York, flippantly state that New York is always a target so why should this trial make a difference. Once again displaying a total lack of sensitivity to the City and the citizens of the Big Apple. Sure New York is a prime target for terrorists, everybody knows this but to flippantly pass it off is disgusting.

Though a known target the trial will INCREASE New York’s already high terrorist profile. Now Judges, jurors and law enforcement who participate in the trial will become targets for Jihad assassination because of their participation. While New York is and will be prepared for a large scale attack during the trial, there is no way they can prevent a lone assassin from fulfilling his Jihad and martyrdom attempting to possibly kill a Judge or juror. Look at how easily Nidal Hasan killed 14 on a secure military base at Fort Hood in another Islamic terrorist attack.

Since taking office Barack Obama has had a long series of stupid and damaging decisions. This show trial for the 9/11 terrorists tops them all. It is a total political move designed to display Bush administration policy and intelligence procedures which Obama has not been able to successfully pursue because of public and political opposition. This along with his lame response to the Fort Hood terrorist attack and the denial of the reality of it being an Islamic terrorism incident, his delays in prosecuting the war in Afghanistan all emphasis Obama’s lack of resolve against terrorism, his weakness in defending this Nation and his total lack of concern for the safety and well being of the people of The United States.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth