Fort Hood Terrorist Hasan Contacted Al Qaeda And Was Member Of Obama Homeland Security Transition Task Force

It is past time to quit beating around the bush and finding lame excuses like ,”post traumatic stress syndrome,” for the murdering Islamic terrorist rampage by Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood last week. Evidence is mounting more everyday that not only did Hasan kill in the name of Allah but had connections with known Al Qaeda operatives.

ABC News is reporting that Hasan was contacting Al Qaeda recruiters in Yemen and not only did the CIA know it but had informed Army intelligence yet Hasan was still promoted from Captain to Major and transferred to Fort Hood in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan. Evidence has also been found that Hasan attended the same Mosque that was used by several 9/11 hijackers and was in attendance at the Mosque when the 9/11 Islamic killers were there.

Eyewitnesses of the terrorist rampage at Fort Hood have reported that Hasan calmly shot those who he killed and wounded and reloaded several times. While shooting he was also quoted as yelling, “Allahu Akbar, god is great” as he was killing soldiers and civilians. Hasan’s actions in the days leading up to the terrorist attack were also similar to the activities of the 9/11 killers, such as saying goodbye to friends, giving away personal possessions and visiting strip clubs.

The political correctness both in the media and the Obama administration avoiding ANY reference to Hasan being a Muslim and that his Islamic religion was at the center of his terrorist attack is a dangerous precedence that will only encourage further attacks of this kind and worse as terrorist groups like Al Qaeda see the weakness toward terrorism from the the administration. This was a terrorist attack performed by a Muslim fanatic killing in the name of Allah and now it must be determined whether he acted alone or was part of a larger plot. Avoiding it for PC does not change this fact!

Another interesting development concerning Hasan is that during the Presidential transition Obama’s transition team created a special task force to review Homeland security procedures and Nidal Hassan was PART OF THIS TASK FORCE, which gave him access to security procedures which could have given him the ability to move as he did at a secure military instillation. Follow this link to Appendix C “Task Force Participants.” Continue until reaching page 29 and the eighth name in the left column is listed as, “Nidal Hasan Uniformed Services University School of Medicine.”

With Hasan’s obvious Islamic terrorist connections which were under investigation by the CIA and the FBI as well as his continual vocal condemnation to US policy BECAUSE of his Islamic affiliation should have forced this Muslim fanatic out of the military and NEVER on a Presidential task force. This sounds similar to the break down in communication prior to the 9/11 attacks.

I cannot help but wonder if the activity by the Obama administration in seeking criminal prosecution for those gathering intelligence allowed this obvious terrorist to slip through the cracks. Additionally the political correctness and the softening toward terrorism that is running amok in the current climate in Washington under the Obama administration attributed greatly to not preventing this terrorist attack before it happened. Could this be just the beginning of further attacks testing the weakness of Barack Obama in preparation for another 9/11 ? If so then Obama failed miserably in responding in a manner that would deter future attacks.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth