219 Terrorists Attack The American People And The Constitution From The Floor Of The House Of Representatives

Terrorism has been described as, “acts which are intended to create fear and to perpetrate an ideological goal.” While the vote which took place in the House of Representatives did not take on the usual violent actions of terrorism, the attack through the passage of the government take over of the health care system was a blatant and planned attack against the will of the American people and the fundamental principles of freedom found in our Constitution. An attack based on fear and a socialist ideological goal by Democrats and the administration of Barack Obama.

218 Democrats and one lone turncoat Republican from Louisiana signaled clearly to the American people by their vote passing the House version of health care, that they do not care what the people think and that the Constitution of The United States is nothing more to them than a historical document whose day has passed and whose principles have no meaning in the political climate of Washington under the socialist umbrella of the Obama Presidency and the Pelosi Congress.

Never before in our history have elected representatives whose Constitutional oath and responsibility is to listen to and act in accordance with the will of the people, shown such a total usurping of the foundational Constitutional principles of liberty and taken such a ideological stand against the people as they have with the passage of this unconstitutional and freedom stealing health care monstrosity.

Before and especially after the vote Congressional leadership and the President arrogantly claimed that what they were about to do and eventually did was for the people and what the people wanted. Yet poll after poll clearly have shown that no more than 35% of the people favor the government take over of health care. Even as the bill was being debated tens of thousands of angry Americans were standing outside of the Capitol screaming to, “kill the bill.” Millions more have expressed their anger and disgust with the bill by e-mail and phone yet 219 terrorist representatives forced an ideological nightmare of socialism down the throats of the American people.

Prior to the debate Barack Obama went behind closed doors with Democrats to arm twist many who still opposed the bill and refused to meet with any member of the opposition which were only foot steps away from his location at the Capitol. So much for transparency and promises of bipartisanship. Nancy Pelosi took to the cameras with her evil botox smirk after the meeting and after the vote lying that this, “historical,” legislation was for the people. The only people that this debacle is for are the liberal socialists who see health care as their greatest opportunity to control our lives using government as the means of that control.

Everything about this bill stands in direct contrast to the Constitution. From the provision which requires every American to purchase health care or face fines and imprisonment to its total deconstruction of private insurance and private health care. Making government the deciding factor in the free process of individual health care decisions and the government running private insurance companies out of business through, “competitive, ” practices designed to give government health care the greater financial advantage in the cost of coverage.

The passage of the House bill is not the final outcome of the seeming never ending health care debate or a signal that government will take over health care. The Senate still has yet to put together their final bill and vote on the Senate floor. In fact opposition is so fierce in the Senate to its version of health care that Harry Reid has signaled that it will be January at least before the Senate takes up the bill moving it into an election year which stands to favor Senators paying more attention to the voice of the people.

Which means our task as citizens who love our freedom and do not want a socialist take over of our health care have much more work to do. It will require each of us to place the fear of our vote and our anger in the very soul of every Senator who enters that Chamber when Reid places their bill on the floor for debate and vote. Senators have shown at least a passing sensitivity to what the people think as opposed to the total arrogant ignoring of the people by most in the House. Yes many Senators, Harry Reid among them, could care less about what we think and the principles of the Constitution but more actually seem to listen than not.

So we as Americans who believe in liberty and believe in a Republic of the people where government is not our controlling force and the individual is the deciding factor in every aspect of our lives, we must take an even more determined stance than ever before. We must also mark for destruction every terrorist who voted for passage in the House of Representatives. Destruction of any possible future for a political career. Any possible re-election. Any possible opportunity to usurp the Constitution and the will of the people again.

We are at war with these socialist terrorists and just as our military has systematically taken out Al Qaeda we must by our vote and our activism take out the socialist terrorists who have shown that creating fear and their socialist ideology is more important that freedom and the people of The United States. Their day is done and their cause is finished. Their cheers which permeated the House floor after the final vote was tallied will be silenced by we the people. If they thought we were loud and angry before they have not even begun to see our wrath and revenge as we are resolved to save our Republic and our way of life from their government sponsored terrorism.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth