Republican Sweeps In Virginia And New Jersey

The hand writing was on the wall. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs began spinning the Virginia and New Jersey election as no big deal early in the day on Tuesday. As exit polls and actual election returns began to show the devastating loss that the night would bring to Democrats, what few spokesman for the DNC that were allowed on television began to spin the disaster as nothing more than a minor inconvenience. The White House remained silent throughout the night claiming that Obama was not even watching the returns. Yeah right.

No matter how the spin is spewed by Democrats the 2009 election was a referendum on the mood of the country toward Barack Obama, Democrats and the agenda they are trying to force upon the people. Both Virginia and New Jersey were huge wins for Obama just one year ago in the Presidential race and in 2009 both states became huge losses for Democrats and a slap to Obama.

Virginia ran a Republican sweep as Bob McDonnell won the Governorship by a 19 percentage point margin. Virginia also easily elected a Republican Lt. Governor and Attorney General by similar margins and six out of seven State Assembly seats also going Republican giving a GOP majority in Richmond. Embattled Democrat Governor Corizine of New Jersey who embraced Obama’s agenda and had Presidential campaign visits five times in the last several weeks lost his Governorship to Republican Chris Christie in a state that is usually as blue as they come.

As the evening began to show just how bad Democrats were losing both the DNC and the White House remained quiet. In fact the White House claimed that Obama had gone to bed early and was not watching any returns. I guess Robert Gibbs had the cable turned off in the private quarters because if not no one can tell me with even an ounce of truth the Obama was not watching returns in which he staked so much of his political clout on through campaigning in Virginian and especially New Jersey.

The DNC sent underlings to the few interviews that they granted and the spin was not on Virginian or New Jersey but trying to tout the New York 23rd district victory as great news for the Democrat agenda since this seat has been held by Republicans for 100 years. What they forget is that the loss of the seat did not come because the Democrat was so popular but more a result of the trouble that brewed over the GOP choosing to run a liberal Republican over a conservative and the resulting third party run gave nearly 6000 wasted votes to a GOP candidate who had dropped out of the race.

The bottom line with this election is that the policies of Barack Obama and the Democrats which have been lauded by Democrats and the liberal media both are extremely unpopular with voters and they proved this by virtually shutting out Democrats in two states that were extremely blue only a year ago. Over the next few days I am sure that Obama, Pelosi and Reid will be spinning this as no big deal but the reality is that 2009 is a precursor for 2010 and if the results are any indication of next years election than 2010 will be a devastating year for Democrats.

Will this fact slow down Obama and his push for an very unpopular agenda ? I don’t think so. This President has shown that he is arrogant and cares little for what the people actually think. In fact he is under the illusion that his agenda is for the people regardless of voters response or protests that all have shown just how unpopular both he and his agenda truly are. So arrogance will continue to push for what he cannot have because in 2010 Congress is up for re-election and Obama’s arrogance does not equate to votes and a happy constituency!

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth