Health Care Attack On The Constitution

We are at war! No I am not speaking of Afghanistan or Iraq, Al Qaeda or Iran. While each of these are extremely important to our national security and our interests both here and abroad, the war I am referring to is a direct attack against the very founding principles that created this, “Nation of the people, by the people and for the people.”

This war is being waged in the back rooms of Congress. At secret meetings in The White House. Through an all out offensive through a liberally biased media. It is a war that contains deception that would rival even the most sophisticated clandestine military operation. It is a war that attacks our basic right of privacy and the freedom to make our own choices. It is attacking the very foundation of our Republic, The Constitution Of The United States of America.

The ammunition being used is health care reform and the ramifications of this issue the ammunition will have no less than the affect of a nuclear detonation on our Constitution and the rights of every individual who claims the mantle of American citizen. Those who fight on the side of current health care reform legislation seek nothing less than total control in one manner or another of the American people.

Those who oppose it are deemed racist, vilified as un-American and treated as outcasts and untouchables. Yet we who wage this war against current health care legislation understand that if we lose this war we very well may lose our Nation and the freedoms that we hold so dear as Americans.

Every version of this legislation is in direct conflict and poses a direct and unmistakable attack on our Constitution. Taking away our very right to chose how we live, what we purchase and even if we choose to purchase at all. The Baucus debacle which passed committee in the Senate has as its center piece a mandate requiring every American to purchase health care regardless of whether that purchase is desired or within the means of the family or individual.

If not purchased then a fine will follow issued by the agency of government whose powers will be greatly expanded to create oversight of this mandate to purchase health care, the IRS. Not only will the IRS issue fines, they will research medical records and financial statements to determine whether citizens have purchased health care. Health care that must meet a certain standard that is approved by the government.

If it is determined that a citizen has not met the requirement regardless of the situation then fines will be imposed. If the fines are not paid within a certain time limit and health care not purchased in that time limit then the next step is a prison sentence for non-compliance. This penalty does not discriminate for age or financial means. So in reality a homeless citizen who is struggling just to live could end up in jail for not purchasing health care. A father of five who is working three jobs to provide food for his family could be jailed because he would rather feed his children and wife than purchase health care.

Nowhere in our Constitution does the government or any agency, Representative or Branch of that government have the authority to demand and require that citizens purchase anything. Yet every version of health care if passed will have this mandate with all of the unconstitutional ramifications. Stealing our right to privacy as all of our records will fall under the scrutiny of the IRS, and our right to make our own choices as to what we purchase and how we choose to live as Americans.

If this Constitutional attack is successful then there will be no stopping an out of control government and power hungry politicians to move on other Constitutional rights such as religion, speech, the right to bare arms, illegal search and seizure, the right to assemble and express grievances against our government. So much more is at stake than just health care reform in this war that proponents of this legislation are waging against our freedom and our Constitution.

If we lose this war against the Constitution, the actual military wars that we are engaged in and brave Americans are fighting to defend the very Constitution that is being attacked by our own Congress and President will be of no consequence since the very reason these soldiers fight will become only a piece of parchment which no longer has any meaning except as a fond dream of freedom that once was.

We must stand and fight with our brave men and women in uniform not on the battlefields of freedom as they do but shoulder to shoulder with them in the cause of freedom. Only our battlefields are the Halls of Congress and the White House. Every Senator and member of the House must know without question that they wage this war against freedom and our Constitution at their own peril and we are determined to win this war come what may to insure that our children and our children’s children will live in an America where the Constitutional principles of individual freedom still prevail and this remains the eternal Land of The Free!

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth