Barack Obama's Real Accomplishments

Since being awarded a very undeserved Nobel Peace Prize last week, there has been a considerable amount of discussion on the web, with the talking heads and through Op Eds all over the world about the accomplishments or lack there of by Barack Obama to warrant his receiving of the Prize.

Since the Nobel Peace Prize has in recent years become nothing more than a socialist political tool to make a statement about that particular ideology, the awarding of the Prize means absolutely nothing especially when one tries to warrant the award with accomplishment or achievement. In that sense Obama was as, “deserving,” as anyone who has not accomplished anything truly significant.

With his Presidency only in its ninth month, ( I know it seems like years), searching for real accomplishment in a relatively short period of time would be hard for any President but especially with one as inexperienced and media praised as Obama. Keep in mind when discussing what he has done since taking office the massive left leaning media bias portrays Obama as the single most accomplished President in our history. So to find true accomplishment one has to dig through the rhetoric and bias in order to find the truth.

The truth being that Obama has only truly, “accomplished,” five specific items that can actually be considered as accomplishments. He has proposed many ideas and policies such as health care, cap and trade and closing Gitmo. But there have only truly been five accomplishments that can be pointed to as achieved. They are as follows:

The Stimulus Bill – this is Obama’s only real legislative accomplishment since taking office. A massive spending spree of liberal wish list items that was portrayed as the saviour of our economy and if not passed would surely lead to the total failure and collapse of the American financial system. Of course it has proven to have actually accomplished NOTHING in ,”stimulating,” anything except the excitement of liberals who are seeing spending dreams that have been around for decades actually come into being.

As a result of this massive spending bill and others that Obama has signed that were not his initiative he has succeeded in increasing the deficit to heights never seen or dreamed of before while trying to claim that the deficit problem is all George Bush and health care. Throw into the mix the additional use of bailout money for banks and other financial institutions, and Obama has accomplished the single most debt ridden US federal government in history.

17,000 troops to Afghanistan – Obama campaigned against the Iraq war which propelled him to the Democrat nomination. But he also campaigned that Afghanistan was the, “right,” war and a necessary war. Soon after taking office he ordered 17,000 additional troops to the country. Seeming that he was actually taking the winning of this war seriously.

In actuality the deployment of the additional troops has been slow in coming as eight months after the order was given, a significant number have yet to reach the Afghan theatre. Adding to this the total disregard of sound advice of his appointed commanded General McChrystal and the dragging of his feet in even considering the request of 40,000 troops and McChrystals strategy to defeat a large insurgency in Afghanistan takes the accomplishment of ordering additional troops and negatively balances it with a total lack of concern and action leaving us vulnerable and on the verge of a neglected quagmire handled in a peace mill fashion by Obama in a manner reminiscent of the downfall of LBJ and his strategy in Vietnam.

The takeover of GM and Chrysler – using bankruptcy as his means and playing on an auto industry struggling in a bad economy Barack Obama accomplished the destruction of two of Americas ,”Big 3,” auto makers by appointing CEO’s who know nothing about cars, and through the bankruptcy revamping the companies in the governments image even to the point of controlling advertising and the type of vehicles made. Making the now government run auto makers, companies that provide a product Americans do not want and sales that are falling an average of 40 – 45 % as compared to last years slow car buying market.

Appointing Sotomeyer – touted by the all praising media as the greatest appointment in the history of the Supreme Court because she was the first Latina appointment to the Court, Sotomeyer’s appointment is in essence very insignificant because it changes nothing on the court. She replaced David Souter whose court opinions were liberal. Though by reputation Sotomeyer is more activist and liberal than Souter, in reality when it comes to her vote on court decisions one liberal vote was swapped for another.

Demeaning The United States – this particular accomplishment is likely the only achievement that Obama has done since taking office which warranted the Nobel in the eyes of the socialist committee. Obama has accomplished in his short time in office what no other President including the hapless Jimmy Carter, even attempted to achieve. In the eyes of the world he has apologized and demeaned our country and made excuses through his apologies for American exceptionalism and greatness. Even Carter whose weakness also weakened our Nation never demeaned the country on world platforms as Obama has.

By demeaning the Nation in the eyes of the world he has accomplished what those who dislike our Nation have sought for decades, the belittling of America and the detraction of American power, all of which endangers our people and threatens our security. But it has succeeded in making Obama popular among leftists and those who hate America thus the awarding of the Nobel.

On the home front though there is one accomplishment that I did not include in those listed above and there is a particular reason that it was left out. Each of those listed were intended accomplishment that Obama sought through policy and his agenda. The major accomplishment that he has achieved was totally unintended and is one that he not only refuses to recognize but constantly criticizes, though personally achieved by him.

For many decades Americans have been too complacent in standing for our rights and our Constitution. Citizens have been content with allowing those in Washington to create agendas and shift our Nation from a free Republic to a Democracy and now down a path to a socialized America. Obama has succeeded in waking the people up to the destruction of our country and the socializing of our freedom and our slide from the Constitutional principles that made this Nation great.

The silent majority is no longer silent as Americans are standing by the millions to take back our country from politicians who too long been allowed to do as they please and spend as they wish. Regardless of party affiliation Americans are awakened to the corruption in Washington and now question anything said or done by those who are supposed to represent us and follow the will of the people. This one accomplishment, though unintended, is the only achievement of Barack Obama that is truly worthy of praise. Not because of the policy or agenda that has brought about the anger which has awakened the people, but because the people are finally truly awakened and paying attention as never before, taking a stand for liberty and our Constitution. That IS a real accomplishment, though to the demise of Obama and those who act and believe like him.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth