Post Nobel Obama, An Analysis

Barack Obama has now become one of only four US Presidents to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but the first to receive the award for doing absolutely NOTHING. A strong argument can be made concerning the Prize awarded to Jimmy Carter since the true intent for his receiving it was a dig at George W. Bush, but in the final analysis at least Carter did have some accomplishments under his belt however wrong they might have been, BEFORE receiving the award.

Teddy Roosevelt was instrumental in ending a war which brought about his Peace Prize. Woodrow Wilson created the League Of Nations which morphed into The United Nations. A bad idea then and a worse idea now but at least it was an accomplishment which promoted the awarding of the Nobel. Obama has accomplished nothing, achieved nothing nor made any significant change in the world other than NOT being George W. Bush, which is once again like Carter before him the main reason that he was awarded the Nobel.

Some have tried to spin this as a great moment for the Nation since it was awarded to a sitting US President. A claim in which I totally disagree. This is an embarrassment to our Nation because it was awarded for only political intent rather than legitimate achievement in promoting peace which is supposed to be the reasoning behind awarding the Nobel Peace Prize.

This prize as opposed to all other Nobels in not awarded by experts in a particular field. For instance the Nobel Prize for Economics is awarded by experts in economics. The Peace Prize Committee consists of member of the Socialist Norwegian Parliament and this political statement made in awarding Obama is also an affirmation that they agree with his Socialist agenda and approach to foreign affairs. A blatant move by these Socialists to influence American foreign policy by giving the award to Obama.

Setting aside the obvious political agenda which accompanied this undeserved Prize, the personality and ego of Barack Obama presents several troublesome reactions which would be a dangerous problem for our Nation and the world. Though he stated that he was humbled by receiving the Nobel, Barack Obama has shown time and again that his ego and arrogance are prime factors in his decisions and what he states on the domestic and world stage.

Therefore Obama sees this Prize as a affirmation by a world body that his agenda and especially his foreign policy is moving in the right direction. Since taking office last January Obama has sought for and basked in the praise of world leaders especially petty despots like Hugo Chavez. Receiving the Nobel is for him just one more accolade from the rest of the world that he is accepted by them and held in esteem by those who have, “hated,” The United States.

As a result his ego and arrogance and his belief that the Nobel is an affirmation of his policy, will use force that ego boosting Prize as a means of influencing his decisions and pushing his agenda with a renewed energy and focus. Here at home this will have two resulting consequences. First he will continue more heartily down the path that he has since taking office which will only inflame the anger of the American people even more than is already is which will diminish his already plunging popularity and further insure a Congressional change in 2010 and lesson his chances of re-election in 2012.

The second consequence of this ego boost for Obama is much more dangerous and could have dire results for our Nation. For this we must look at each issue individually and what this ego boost could result in for the country.

Afghanistan – For the last several weeks the war in Afghanistan has been front and center because of the controversy between Obama and our top Commander General Stanley McChrystal. In order to achieve victory McChrystal has informed his Commander in Chief of the necessity of an additional 40,000 troops or Afghanistan will fail. Obama has been dragging his feet in responding to the General and has only talked with him because of the out cry that he had only talked with his Commander once since appointing him several months ago.

Obama has already stated that victory was not his goal in Afghanistan and that he planned on treating the Taliban and Al Qaeda as two separate entities rather than a single force working toward the same goal. A strategy that most believe is a major mistake since both fight together and Al Qaeda has always received its Afghan support from the Taliban. With the Nobel under his belt look for Obama to continue to drag his feet in sending the requested troops.

Also voices like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who have called for a troop reduction and an increase in bombing in the mountains at the Afghan and Pakistan border, will have a much stronger say in Obama’s decision than before the Nobel. Many questioned the award BECAUSE of Afghanistan and Obama would not want to disappoint those who have praised him and this war could become a problem similar to that which faced the Soviets if decisive action in fulfilling McChrystals request is not taken.

Iran – For years the diplomatic route has been used with this rogue Nation and the result of the exhaustive talking has been that Iran is nearly a nuclear weapons Nation which has been their goal from the beginning. Since his campaign Obama has promoted the Neville Chamberlain approach with Iran seeking to have high level talks and treaties while doing nothing to prevent the further development of nuclear weaponry. Several Nations, most prominent France and their President Sarkozy have called for tough action to be taken with Iran.

With a Peace Prize hanging around his neck Obama as a gesture to the world and to Iran will intensify the talking maybe even to the point of personally meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to show his good faith in peace. All the while Iran will continue is nuclear development using talks as a means of delaying action in order to achieve their nuclear goal. With a Nobel Obama who has dragged his feet on action against Iran, will not even consider action until it is too late to stop a nuclear Iran.

Iraq – Obama campaigned on the removal of troops from Iraq quickly after taking office. He has received a considerable amount of criticism from the liberal anti -war left who supported him for not taking quick action and actually doing the right thing and keeping our forces in Iraq to help keep security as the country continues to grow and handle their own problems more each day.

With a Nobel around his neck it would not surprise me to see Obama begin pulling more troops out of Iraq before the country has made the necessary advances to handle all of their security without US help. This move to satisfy his left wing following and to prove to the world that his ego boosting award was deserved.

Domestic Agenda – While his major push for health care, which is failing, would not be a consideration in promoting his ego boosting Peace Prize, another corner stone of his agenda, Climate Change is. One of the many praises that Obama received when awarded the Nobel was his rhetoric recognizing the, “need,” of the United States to be much more active in the liberal cause of Climate Change. This is very popular with the left, especially in Europe where the junk science is taking seriously enough that it totally influences most of the political agenda of the Continent.

With the Nobel as his guide Obama’s push for the so called, “Cap and Trade,” bill, which will destroy US business, will intensify and become another push similar to the daily grind over health care. Whether it passes or not depends on how much if any political capital he has left after health care. But look for him to use the Executive Order to get what he cannot get legislatively toward Climate Change to once again prove deserving of his Nobel.

Those of us who are not among the Obama worshippers and many who have been in the past see this Nobel Prize for the scam and joke that it is. A political award to try and influence America policy and a dig at George W. Bush. But Barack Obama whose ego is only surpassed by the size of his ears, sees this Prize as much more than a political statement. His arrogance which is well known accepts it as a complete world recognition and affirmation of his ideas, policy and agenda. He has sought this and will use it to push his American socialism and foreign appeasement policy to the fullest extent, to his demise as President of The United States, his promotion as buddy to the world and the endangerment of our country, our security and our people.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth