The Many Faces Of Barack Obama......Well Maybe Not


The above video is a montage of a single photo opportunity given with Barack Obama. More than 100 photos were granted with Obama at this particular meeting and notice the varied changes of expression of those who posed with him while Obama’s stance and expression NEVER varies. The put on President poses for the put on photo op.

A President posing for photos is not at all unusual but the fact that Obama takes the same stance and pose without even the slightest variation is rather unusual. It almost looks like Rham Emanuel stuffed him and stacked him then fixed a smile on his face and told him not to move. For those that thought Obama was two faced the montage clearly proves that he is not. But rather a stiff one dimensional figure.

While the photo montage was nothing more than a photo op with the President the lack of even a slight variation of Obama during the photos can be thought of as almost a commentary of his Presidency. A President must be a multi faceted individual who has the ability to handle numerous situations both mundane and extreme at the same time.

Obama is facing a rogue Iran who regardless of diplomacy is hell bent on going nuclear. A situation in Afghanistan where military commanders are almost begging the Commander in Chief for additional troops while painting a scenario of defeat if the troops are not sent. He is facing massive deficits mostly caused by him, falling credibility of the dollar, again caused greatly by him and tremendous opposition by the majority of the America people to his agenda and his action or lack thereof as President.

Yet all that one dimensional Barack can do is continue to spew the same tired rhetoric concerning health care. Most recently standing before a group of doctors hand picked and dressed, (the White House handed out white coats for the doctors to wear for the photo op), and repeat the same over used and tired talking points about health care.

Clearly this one dimensional person cannot handle the tremendous responsibility of the Presidency and it not only shows but, the American people, our allies and even our enemies are understanding that his lack of ability for the job is becoming a problem for The United States. The American people are fed up with him, our allies mock him and most dangerously our enemies mock and are most likely conspiring against our Nation to take advantage of a weak and unqualified President.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth