The Hope And Change Candidate Is The Embarrassing And Disgusting President

Every time that Barack Obama has taken to the world stage I have cringed as I anticipated what he would say and this past week as Obama stood before the United Nations the spectacle that surrounded him was yet another embarrassment for our country and a disgusting display of apologetic aggrandisement.

Once again this Presidential pretender apologized for American greatness, this time before the entire world and not just in one country and promoted himself as the greatest thing to hit the world stage in a generation. In a speech that condemned past United States action and policy and was filled with Obama stating, “I this, ” and , “I that,” the hopey, changey fellow threw aside American exceptionalism for self gratification. On a platform where past President’s promoted American ideals and Democracy, Obama promoted Obama.

We witnessed an American President being praised by the likes of Hugo Chavez and Muammar Gaddafi. We listened as Obama hung Israel out on a limb and took a policy stance with those who seek to destroy the Jewish Nation. Obama has been accepted into the inner circle of United Nations despots as proven by the fact that for the first time a US President was asked to lead a Security Council session. A session which saw him discuss unilaterally dismantling our nuclear arsenal while countries like Iran are building nuclear capability.

With Barack Obama at the helm the President of The United States is no longer the leader of the free world but a friend to enemies of this country and a apologizer for the very ideals and freedoms he is supposed to represent. During this week on the world stage while Obama was abandoning Israel, their Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took up the mantle of spokesman for the free world in Churchill like fashion. He alone lifted freedoms ideals and condemned the dictators of the world as Churchill did when Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany in 1939 and 40.

Even when Obama had a small chance of redeeming himself in taking a stance against evil in this world as he announced to the world the revelation of a second nuclear facility in Iran whose sole purpose can be nothing more than developing uranium for nuclear weapons, Obama stood side by side with Sarkozy of France and Brown of Britain, who both stated emphatically that this would not be allowed to continue without action being taken to stop it. Obama stated that Iran’s aggressive action only presented, ” a challenge.” A true Neville Chamberlain response.

While Obama was taking the road of appeasement and self aggrandising on the world stage of the UN and the G 20, we also learned that General Stanley McChrystal commander of US forces in Afghanistan has been warning Obama that if more troops are not sent then the war will soon end in defeat. A fact that was hidden from the American people and only came to light because of the Generals report being leaked to the press.

When Obama was questioned about the Generals report he once again stated that, “victory,” has never been his goal in Afghanistan. So is he as Commander in Chief going to abandon our troops and Afghanistan as he has Israel ? He does not seem to be in any hurry to fulfill General McChrystal’s request and follow a sound strategy that worked quickly and successfully in Iraq. While he is thinking about what to do, more soldiers are dying in Afghanistan than at anytime since our firsst day there. Commanders on the ground have presented a strong and sound strategy and Obama, rather than acting swiftly as he should, is taking the time to consider the political ramifications and whether to appease his anti-war base or not.

Barack Obama is single handedly weakening our resolve against our enemies, presenting an apologetic face for American ideals and American freedom before despots and dictators and attempting to create a domestic socialism that would make Karl Marx proud. He has become the single most popular man to everyone who hates America while casting aside our country and those who we have always stood with in the quest for freedom and democracy in a world of fascist dictators.

He took office swearing before God that he would, “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” Yet his domestic policy is seeking to destroy every Constitutional principle that this country has stood for since its birth. His foreign policy and self gratification before world leaders is weakening this Nation to a point where even petty dictators like Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and North Korea’s Kim Jong Il believe they can do whatever they please without fear of American response or resolve.

The weakness he displays before the world both in his words and his policy have made us much more vulnerable to attack and threatens our security and stability as the lone superpower. But what does he care ? After all he has become the celebrity of world leaders and praised by despots. He has satisfied the anger of those who hate the very freedoms and ideals that this country has always stood for by continually apologizing for our greatness and exceptionalism. He is liked so that is all that matters.

Barack Obama does not speak for the people of this country who know that it is our exceptionalism and our freedom, the very things he apologizes for, that have made us strong and the greatest nation in the history of mankind. He stands against the Constitutional principles that have stood the test of time and are now being challenged by every move that this appeasing, self aggrandizing politician makes, yet he and his parties leadership cannot understand or accept why the majority of the American people are angered and disgusted with what he is doing.

The President of The United States is more that just the leader of a Nation. He is not only the representative of the most powerful country in the world but a symbol of the greatness and freedoms that are only available in this land of liberty and hope for people oppressed by governments and dictators who seek their own power and their own satisfaction above that of their people. He is the symbol of a Statue that shines in New York Harbor whose light beams with the shining rays of hope, strength and the prospect that all people can be free.

The President does not apologize for this but rather expresses this to a world looking for answers that only true freedom can provide. For the people of this great Nation, the President is not only the symbol of the Lady in the harbor that the world sees but also the representative of a Constitution that tells each citizen that government cannot solve your problems but will protect and defend you in order to freely allow each citizen to rise and achieve in accordance to individual capabilities and experience. He symbolizes the principle that all Americans are free to live our lives as we choose WITHOUT fear of government control.

Obama does not represent any of these attributes that have been the symbol of the Presidency since George Washington. Obama represents Obama. He represents the dismantling of the very principles that his Oath of Office swore he would protect. He does not represent America or Americans and we are weaker because of it. The hope and change message of his campaign, a message that I never believed in, has become the embarrassment of our Nation and a disgusting display of arrogance on his behalf and shameful for our people and that is why we are angry. Mmm, mmm, mmm Barack Hussein Obama……does not represent me or my country!

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth