Obama Opposition Movement Much More Than Just Anti-Obama

More than one million Americans marched on Washington DC last Saturday capping a summer that found angry and large crowds of Americans taking a stand against a government and an administration that is out of control. Those who oppose the administration have been demonized and belittled but the fact still stands that Americans are finally taking a stand against big government and nothing short of abiding by the will of the people is going to stop it.

When Barack Obama was elected President I was among the conservatives who could not and would not extend my support to him simply because he would be President and as such obligated to give the guy a chance. Everything that he stood for and campaigned for went against my core beliefs and principles and to support what he was planning was counter to the direction that I knew our Nation needed to go and counter to what our Founders intended for America and Americans.

As such I explicitly wanted his agenda to fail, not because I wanted my country to fail as many accused we who took this stand against Obama, but because I wanted my country to succeed and following Obama’s agenda could not bring that result. In the last more than eight months the failure of Obama’s agenda in taking our country in the correct direction has proven to be the nightmare that I had envisioned. But with all of the deficit spending, massive bailouts and socialist push Barack Obama has succeeded in doing something that our country has desperately needed for decades.

He has successfully awakened the American people who had progressively become lazy and unattached to what was happening in Washington. Most Americans were either not concerned or just plain did not care what was taking place in Washington and this total complacent attitude by the people allowed those in power to over step their Constitutional authority and gradually but surely diminish our freedoms and consistently move away from the Constitutional Republic established by our Founders.

The true and magnificent significance of Saturdays march on Washington, (the largest single political protest in our Nations history), is that average Americans most of whom have never been politically involved before are awakened to the power grab that has been taking place for decades by our government and the complacency that has plagued this country, is no longer because the people are finally fulfilling our Constitutional responsibility as citizens and holding those we elect to office accountable to every word that they utter from their mostly deceptive mouths.

Those who are demonizing we who are taking this stand against this administration and the over bearing government do not understand that THIS action by the people is precisely what our Founders intended by the three simple yet powerful words that begin our Constitution, “We the people.”

When this Nation was born the people by law through our Constitution were undeniably established as the absolute power and authority of the government and anyone who was involved as a Representative of that government were required to be completely and totally answerable to the people and no one else. Over the years and especially in the last several decades the majority of Americans through a continual dumbing down process have forgotten and/or likely never understood the power and awesome responsibility that it is to be an American and the ultimate authority of our government.

This blind and willing complacency caused the citizenry to become a pawn of the elected elite and that elite, usurping the Constitution, became the governmental authority over the people. This one particular Constitutional violation is why those in power are demonizing and belittling the opposition. The American people surrendered control and authority to the elected elite and now that the people are taking that authority and power back by the millions the elected elite, like wolves who stand over a recent kill, are fighting to hold the power they have taken from the people.

Those in Washington have been allowed to do what they please, when the pleased for so long that now as the people are finally fulfilling our duty and responsibility as established by the Constitution, the elected Constitutional usurpers fear losing their power and as such have taken a political stand against the very people who elected them. In our system of government and the laws that are established by our Constitution this one act of sedition by elected Representatives is political suicide and the people will be placing the instrument of that suicide in the hands of these elected elite come next November when we by our vote exercise our authority and fire them.

Why do I call the stand that the elected elite have chosen to take against the move by the people to take back our government sedition ? First a brief definition of the word. Sedition is a legal term which means overt conduct such as speech or organization against legal authority which often includes subversion of a Constitution and incitement of discontent of lawful authority. In The United States, the people are the lawful Constitutional authority and the elected elite have through their , “speech,” and, “organization,” chosen to subvert the Constitutional authority of the people and as such are committing sedition.

The likelihood of we the people making a charge of sedition stand against the elected elite is minimal since those same elite by parliamentary procedure would be the legal arm to press the charges. So our course of action against this sedition laced elected elite is to fight them in the streets by our protest and with our voice demand that they bow to their true and legal authority the people of The United States.

That is what we have been doing by the millions and what we will continue to do until they accept the will and authority of the people. Make no mistake our movement in taking back our Nation, while demonized, has not fallen on deaf ears. Unnamed sources within the White House expressed a reaction of shock at the size of Saturdays protest. At present 44 Democrats have announced that they cannot face their constituents if they vote for health care which means that Pelosi does not have the votes in the House to pass the bill. These are just two examples of the success that our stand is having in taking our country back.

Thomas Jefferson once stated, “Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories.” We have allowed’ over time’ the safe depository of our government to fall from the hands of the people to the greed and power hungry elected elite. That time has ended and the people are once again taking control of our government back. It will not happen over night because it took decades of complacency to allow the authority to pass from the people to the elected elite. Therefore we must continue to stand and fight making that elite listen placing the power back in the hands of the people.

We have placed the fear of losing their plush elitist jobs in the heart of many who sit in Congress and they are listening. We cannot falter, we cannot waiver in our determination to restore our Nation and defeat the government take over of our freedom and our rights by the tyrannical actions of the elected elite. The sleeping giant, the American people, is awake and make no mistake Washington we will sleep no more!

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth