Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Your Boss The American People Are Fed Up

Depending on what news source that is quoted estimates of the September 12 march on Washington DC range from, “tens of thousands,” to, “two million.” The DC police and Parks and Recreation are estimating the numbers in the range of 1.2 million. No matter how you look at it a massive number of angry and fed up Americans descended on Washington to express what according to most polls most Americans are feeling. That government is out of control and it is time for the people to take our Nation back from the politicians.

Across the country many thousand more who did not go to Washington rallied in other cities, but whose message was the same, we are tired of deficits, we are tired of spending future generations into the poor house, we are tired of government taking away freedom by instituting control whether it comes through health care, bailouts or taking over private business. American are standing by the millions demanding that Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of Washington listen to the Constitutional authority of the Nation, the people of The United States.

The fained outrage of Democrats over the somewhat unconventional out burst of ,”you lie,” by South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson is one of many examples of just how little those who are in the majority think about what the people truly feel over what is happening in our country. Wilson’s campaign coffers have exploded with support since his emotional expression last Wednesday during Obama’s partisan rhetoric and minimal fact based speech before Congress. Why ? Because Wilson expressed in two words what most of us would like to express to Obama and clan concerning the direction they are trying to take our country.

Yet despite the numbers and the massive opposition that the health care debate has sparked against Obama and the Democrat leadership who are seeking a direction which most American know will destroy our country, the reaction by those in power still remains distortions of the truth as to who and how many oppose the radical socialistic take over of America and the central theme of their response continues to be that we who oppose Obama are racist.

Personally I am fed up with being called a racist just because I love my country and am disgusted with the direction a President who happens to be black is taking the land that I love. Like most who are opposing Obama, my anger toward Washington did not start when he took the oath of office but rather has been brewing beneath the surface for many years. The problem within our government and the slide toward a socialistic form of over bearing government has been taking place long before Obama came on the political scene. His escalation of the socialist drift has sparked freedom loving Americans like myself to finally stand and say, “enough is enough!”

It is this fact that Obama and his followers who cry, “racist,” against we who oppose him refuse to understand or accept. We do not care what color he is or what ethnic back ground he came from but we are darn sure NOT going to stand by quietly and watch him and those from his party destroy this bastion of freedom and liberty by forcing citizens into government dependents using health care as the means to begin this complete government dependency.

When Joe Wilson called Obama a liar it was not because he cared what color Obama was but because he was angered by the distortions that Obama had continually spoken during his speech and like the rest of we Americans who are standing against Obama , Wilson could not take it anymore and had to take a stand. The distortion campaign that Obama and the left are orchestrating to scare Americans into caving on health care and bowing to a socialist agenda is intensifying the anger and the millions who oppose this are expressing themselves by calling it as they see it, a lie is a lie, socialism is wrong for America, deficit spending is the path to national bankruptcy and we will not allow this to happen.

The millions who are taking to the streets, filling the town hall meetings and flooding the White House and Congressional phone lines and e-mails are not racist ,”rednecks,” members of a whites only club, or any other false faction that the left and the MSM have claimed as a means of demonizing and trying to derail the opposition. We who oppose Obama are from every race and creed represented in this great Nation. We are from all political persuasions whether Republican, Democrat or Independent. We are from every income bracket including both the poor and the wealthy. We are well informed average Americans individualists who understand that the direction our country is going does not follow the vision of our Founders and no amount of vilifying or name calling can change these facts. One other undeniable fact is that we are in the majority as poll after poll has shown and skewing the polls like CNN pulled after Obama’s speech does not change that fact either.

We are blue collar and white collar workers. We are housewives and executives. We are children and adults. We are black, white, yellow and brown. We are inner city and rural. We are business owners and employees of small business. We are from the South, the North, the West and the Midwest. We represent every state in the Union. We are retired and we are just starting our careers. We exercise daily and we haven’t exercised in years. We are physically sound and we are physically deprived. We are veterans and we have not had the privilege of serving in the military.

Plain and simple we are ordinary Americans acting in the extraordinary way that Americans have always acted when faced with tyranny whether soft or hard. We love freedom and individuality yet when our neighbors are hurting we are the first to offer aid and comfort whether here at home or around the world. And we do not need Washington, Obama or anyone else to tell us or dictate to us how to live, work and succeed in this land of the free. We do not need a government to decide for us our health care, how we raise our children or what manner of live we choose to live.

We are Americans and we are exceptional and we do not need a government to tell us that being exceptional is wrong and uncaring. Because it IS that exceptionalism that makes us care, makes us proud and makes us free. We know how to be Americans and do not need a President or Congressman to legislate a forced dependency upon us making us less than who we are, free and freedom loving individuals who stand together upon that freedom to make a Nation. We are the people of The United States of America and we are the power and authority of this Nation. We stand by the millions demanding that those who we have hired form the President to the newest and oldest Congressman or Senator remember that as your boss it is we who decide how we live and it is we, not you, who decide the direction that our country, our government and our representatives take. Demonize us if you will, but you do so at your own peril because in this land of the free we the people will prevail.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth