Barack Obama - The Copycat Of Presidential Failure

Barack Obama campaigned that his administration would bring about bipartisanship and eliminate the divide that has existed in this country as everyone under the leadership of the Obama messiah would happily join in rousing choruses of Kum Bay Yah. The reality now that he has completed his first Summer as President is that he has become the most divisive and controversial President in our history.
His staff appointments have been ridiculously troublesome as he either did not vet many or could care less about past associations and tax history of his appointments. The resignation, this morning, of admitted Communist and 9/11 ,”Truther,” Van Jones who was appointed as one of Obama’s many unconstitutional and Executive Power grabbing Czars just adds to a long list of not only controversial but extreme left wing appointments that have damaged credibility and caused great concern for Americans.

Yet in the midst of this controversy, push to Socialism and the greatest government power grab in our history through legislative initiatives that are trying to force government dependency while bankrupting the Nation with record deficits and spending, Barack Obama in actuality has not truly had an original agenda initiative but expanded and reconstructed ideas that have been designed to, in his mind, address today’s issues with Presidential failures from the past.

Some of his copycat policy has been derived from ideas of past Presidents, all Democrats, whose policy seemed successful at the time but has been proven by the test of history to be a failed policy. Yet even with the failure Obama has taken the failed policy matched it to today’s agenda issues and expanded the policy which had already been tried by a past President to bring about a socialist move for the Nation and taken the policy much further left then even those in whom he copied. Let me explain.

Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson – Obama has combined socialistic ideas of both of these Democrat Presidents. When FDR’s , “New Deal,” first was initiated it was hailed as the answer to the Great Depression. He instituted massive government employment programs that saw the construction of the Hoover Dam among many other infrastructure changes. Temporary employment was provided but once the project was finished most returned to the unemployment roles and by 1940 when FDR was running for election again his own Treasury Secretary stated that unemployment and the Depression had not changed and if they had to run on their economic policy they would NOT be reelected. Only WWII succeeded in ending the Depression and placed FDR into iconic history.

History has since shown that FDR’s polices actually lengthened the Depression rather than solving it and his other social experiments of Social Security and public welfare have created more problems than they ever solved. Lyndon Johnson created what he called, “The Great Society, ” which basically expanded much of FDR’s socialistic policy and added Medicare and Medicaid to the mix. This initiative designed to decrease poverty in actuality increased poverty as Americans became completely dependent upon the government and stopped working in order to live off of the public coffers.

Obama has take the worst aspects of both Presidential initiatives and expanded them to create the greatest push toward total government dependency for Americans in history. His failed stimulus package that Joe Biden only a few days ago falsely claimed as a great success, has actually increased unemployment to nearly 10% with no end in sight. The infrastructure portions of the package have been disastrous as public monies have been spent for ridiculous and unnecessary projects that have NOT provided employment or stimulus.

He has created government dependency through unemployment benefits that have been expanded to the point that recipients can collect benefits for nearly two years without interruption. Then after only a brief respite begin the process all over again and collect benefits once again and like LBJ’s Great Society live off the government coffers.

Bill Clinton – the obvious copy of Bill Clinton is the Health Care ,”reform,” push. This was the center piece of Clinton’s agenda just as it is with Obama. Clinton pushed for a universal health care with the public option being the necessary ingredient to complete government coverage for all Americans. In September of 1993 Clinton spoke before a Joint Session of Congress to begin his push for government health care and as history shows less than a year later the initiative collapsed and was the catalyst for the GOP take over of Congress in 1994.

Obama has not only copied Clinton’s push for government health care but he has initiated the help of most of Clinton’s staff as the majority of not only his White House staff but his political appointees are former Clintonites. Obama’s health care push expands on Clinton’s as a government control of the health care system that pales in comparison to the Clinton failure. It additionally expands greatly the power of the IRS as Obamacare would use the agency as the administrator, information gathering and penalty enforcing force behind health care. Obama’s upcoming joint session speech before Congress becomes the icing on the cake of the Obama copy of the failed Clinton idea.

Jimmy Carter – Carter has become the greatest icon of Democrat Presidential failure in American history, yet this has not stopped Obama from copying Jimmah. Much of Carter’s failed environmental policy had been reconstituted into Obama’s ,” Green,” initiatives especially Cap and Trade which patterns much of Carters windfall profit tax failures and price freezing which directly caused energy shortages and long lines at the gas pump in the 70’s. Obama’s entire energy policy so mirrors Carter’s that if allowed passage in its full unyielding form, The United States will face massive energy cost increases and forced adherence by Americans to products and standard of living that the majority do not want or desire.

Now news has come out that Obama plans to copy Carter in the Middle East later this month as he is personally taking on the task of mediator between Israel and the Palestinians. Near the end of September Obama is meeting at the UN with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. This is a mirror image of the Camp David peace conference Carter initiated between then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. While this ended in success it was brokered by a failed President Jimmy Carter who was only taking advantage of placing himself into a treaty that would have happened without him because its time had come.

The major difference between Carter’s initiative and Obama’s was that Israel and Egypt had grown tired of constant war between the two Nations and were ready for peace. Israel and the Palestinians are not only NOT ready for peace but a sizable component of the Palestinian faction in this ,”peace,” initiative is not represented by Mahmoud Abbas. The terrorist organization Hamas represent as great portion of Palestinians and their government. Hamas has sworn the destruction of Israel and does not recognize the governmental faction represented by Abbas. So this Obama initiative is doomed to failure before it happens but makes for great headlines for the ever media present Barack Obama.

Obama has not even reached the end of his first year as President and discussion of a failed Presidency already dominates much of the discussion. In fact Obama has placed so much capital on health care that when it fails or only a small portion is passed, which I believe is not going to happen because of the justified opposition, Obama WILL become a lame duck failed President. His push for government control of Americans through his agenda and the massive spending and deficits have angered the American people against this President.

This combined with his inability to present an idea that has not been tried before, ideas that ended in failure or were brought forth by failed Presidents just adds to his woes. His inexperience has caused him to reach into failed Democrat policy of the past because he finds himself not only way over his head as President, but history shows that taking failed ideas and trying to white wash them still ends in the same result. Adding to the fact that Obama is greatly expanding the failed ideas into total socialism and government control and unprecedented government expansion does not and will not sit well with freedom loving Americans whose numbers in opposition are growing daily. The net result, past failed ideas become current failed initiatives and a one term failed Obama Presidency.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth