Liberals Signal The Next Step For Obamacare....I Mean Kennedycare

Democrats have been known to say and do just about anything in order to deceive, exaggerate and plain old lie their way into getting the American people to fall into their legislative traps. Nothing is beneath them when it comes to pushing legislation through Congress in order to further their socialist agenda especially since Barack Obama took office. The Democrats under his leadership have established new lows of deception on a regular basis when pushing through legislation.

Since the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy last Tuesday, Democrats have not only reached yet another low in their push to force through their health care debacle, but in their desperation in trying to get the American people to fall lock step in line with this monstrosity they have stooped lower than I even thought they would.

I never agreed with Kennedy’s politics and still question, as most do what really happened at Chappaquiddick, (anyone else would have been charged with at least vehicular manslaughter), but one thing that no one could say about Ted Kennedy was that he compromised his liberal beliefs regardless of how wrong and twisted they might be. One of those beliefs was that it is the right of every American to have health care coverage regardless of the cost or the shambles it would make to the United States health care system. Kennedy began advocating government health care when he took office in 1962 and it has been a constant mantra until his passing last week.

Almost before his body was cold Democrat leaders began using the passing of this liberal icon as a means to not only politicize his death but to signal very clearly what direction that their side of the health care debate will take once Congress reconvenes after the August recess. From Nancy Pelosi to those who participated in his four day long funeral the mantra of ,”pass health care for Teddy,” began springing up all across the liberal spectrum.

During the actual funeral even his grand kids jumped on that band wagon as they called for passage of health care in his honor. I am quite sure that the kids were reading a prepared speech for granddad. Even during the final moments of his funeral during the committal service at Arlington Cemetery the Archbishop of Washington DC chimed in by reading a letter that Kennedy had written to the Pope which touted his life long attempt to pass government health care as a attribute deserving of the prayers for him by the Pope.

The bill that finally appears in its final form as has been stated by many during the funeral proceedings and tributes from colleagues will obviously be named the,” Ted Kennedy Health Care Reform Act,” or something to that affect. So now that the left has NOT been able to convince the American people that forced government health care is necessary, they are planning or ceasing their defense of this debacle and play on peoples emotions by saying, “we must pass it for Teddy.”

Since the early 1950’s this country has had a fascination with the Kennedy’s. Ted Kennedy is the last of the JFK generation. Yes, one sister Jean still remains but she is not well known, so the passing of Ted ends the era of Camelot and the reign of the Kennedy’s as the prominent political family of the Nation. Democrats are now going to try and use this fascination in conjunction with the passing of Ted Kennedy as their next offensive to try and force government health care down our throats.

Over the next several weeks as the bill is discussed in Town Halls, committee rooms and the floors of the House and especially the Senate we will not hear from the left anything about the details of the bill but only that, “Ted would have wanted it so we are obligated to pass it for him.” They will use this new mantra shamelessly to play on the emotion of the American people and sympathy for the Kennedy family as well as a guilt trip against House and Senate members who dare to oppose the memory of Ted Kennedy.

The liberal news media who have been standing in step with the left in their favoritism of government health care have already signalled that they to are on board with the new Kennedy push for passage. Throughout the news coverage of the death of Ted Kennedy health care became the central theme for nearly every commentator and reporter. A practice that will continue as the liberal press follows whatever lead that is given them by the Democrats they so adore.

Barack Obama has not been part of this icon worship for health care passage so far, though I am sure that has only been because he has been mostly unavailable during his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard. A place I might add that is only minutes away from where the Kennedy compound where the Senator laid dying and Obama did not choose to visit until AFTER Kennedy had passed. But upon his actual return to Washington from vacation after a few days more R & R at Camp David, I am quite sure that Obama will invoke the name of Ted Kennedy in every statement he makes to tout the center piece of his agenda. Thinking that maybe Kennedy’s death will save his crashing Presidency with the passage of Kennedycare formerly known as Obamacare.

Yet in all of this liberal transformation of the direction that obviously will be taken to try and pass this debacle, the left and especially the leadership in Congress have neglected to take into account one very important detail. Regardless of WHO this monstrosity is named after and dedicated to, the American people STILL DO NOT LIKE OR WANT IT! The passing of Ted Kennedy has not changed the greatest problem the left has in passing government health care and that is the overwhelming opposition of the people.

While the Nation still has a fascination with the Kennedy’s that fascination does not and will not replace the common sense of Americans in opposing something that attacks our freedom and will enslave Americans to the federal government. Using the Kennedy name and calling upon the memory of Ted Kennedy who championed government health care will not change this opposition. Once again the arrogance of the left blinds them to the reality of the facts.

In fact the opposition is so strong that the guilt trip that will be placed upon House and Senate members to pass this bill in memory of Ted Kennedy will not overcome the plain and simple fact that Representatives will have to explain to their constituents why they voted FOR the bill when those they represent are against it. Saying they did for Ted Kennedy as the left is suggesting will not work with the people and those in Congress, except the leadership, know this.

Many in the media have suggested that the passing of Kennedy has revived a dead bill. Let them go one believing this lie because the opposition to the bill by the people has actually grown since Kennedy’s death as poll after poll has shown. Using his name, his memory and his family as a tool to pass this debacle is not and will not work, yet the left believes that they have new and fresh ammunition for passage.

The death of Kennedy does not change any provision in the bill that angers the American people. The death of Kennedy does not change the government option designed to eliminate private health care coverage. The death of Kennedy does not change the unconstitutional aspects of the bill, one of which forces every American to purchase health care coverage whether they want it or not.

The reality is that nothing in the debate has changed except that the left is shamelessly and disgustingly using a death to promote their agenda. For we who oppose this debacle, we now face yet another accusation that will be hung upon us by the left. As we continue our opposition we will be accused of not respecting Kennedy’s death and service in the Senate because we refuse to fall in line with memorializing him with the bill.

To this I say, “so what.” Lately we who oppose government health care have been called Nazis, terrorist, unamerican, unpatriotic, right wing zealots, fascists, unintelligent, uninformed and just plain idiots. So being accused of disrespecting the dead is nothing compared to previous accusations from the left and does not change the resolve of the majority of the American people in seeing that this bill DOES NOT PASS.

We who oppose this debacle can take one thing, if nothing else, from the passing of Ted Kennedy that the left cannot accept when it comes from any opposition to any of their agenda. While in the Senate, Kennedy was always well informed and steadfast in his beliefs and his stand on any issue. The left cannot understand that the American people are well informed and steadfast in our opposition to the socialist agenda promoted by Obama and the Democrats. The one example that we can take from Kennedy is this. Though most of us disagreed with him in everything, we can stand as strong and true to our beliefs and opposition to this health care debacle and the lefts agenda as he did to his liberal agenda. The reality for the left is that Kennedy and government health care have one thing in common…both are dead and cannot be revived.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth