The Obama CIA Smoke Screen For Healthcare Begins

Barack Obama and his family are experiencing a self imposed press black out while vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. He is using this vacation not just as a retreat but as a hiding place from the firestorm that is crashing his popularity from the anger of the American people over health care, government spending and massive deficits created since he took office.

In fact those deficits are larger than initially expected as the first day of his vacation found the announcement of an additional TWO TRILLION dollars in deficit spending that Obama’s agenda is adding to the federal budget. This does not include health care and the American people are extremely ticked.

So like a good cover your butt and redirect attention politician, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder announced the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate the CIA and interrogation techniques used during the Bush administration. It is well known that Holder has been threatening this for several months. But it is not a coincidence that each time it has been threatened, Obama has been under fire for his agenda.

The last time Holder threatened this action the heat for Obama began to ease and Obama claimed that his was a forward looking administration and not one that looks backward. So the talk of investigating interrogation techniques drifted away to be used another day when Obama needed political misdirection. That time has come as Obama finds himself with crashing numbers and the center piece of his agenda crashing along with him.

So he takes a vacation and his AG takes center stage announcing that an official investigation into the CIA and interrogation will take place. This time Obama is using his self imposed media black out as an avenue of no comment which he believes will distance him from the investigation that he has supposedly opposed. Thinking that the American people will consider this action solely the responsibility of the AG and the President just an on looker.

Well the AG is part of the Executive Branch and this investigation is not only taking place with the full knowledge of Obama but also with his permission. So this move is nothing more than a smoke screen to redirect media attention from Obama and health care while Obama vacations and the media has no access to him.

From a media stand point, so far, it is succeeding because health care dropped from center stage coverage as the announcement of the special prosecutor and the response from former VP Dick Cheney became the top headline and lead story in every news outlet. This smoke screen will continue to make the headlines while Obama vacations because of the self imposed media black out of the President since Obama will not be touring the country making news defending his troubled health care bill.

How stupid does he actually think that we the people are ? This misdirection using a trumped up investigation of the CIA and interrogation WILL NOT deter the American people from the anger and opposition over health care and the rest of Obama’s socialist, deficit making bankruptcy spending agenda! He has tired this misdirection tactic before and it did not work then and just because a special prosecutor has been appointed does not mean that it will work this time.

The American people are on to his political games. We are savvy to his use of misdirection as a means to try and change the subject or the debate. We understand that his agenda is taking this country down a path never intended by our Founders. We know that we cannot allow it to happen and we also know that we cannot stop in our opposition to Obama’s march to socialism. So misdirect Mr. President. Accuse falsely brave Americans whose actions saved lives. All you are doing is adding more nails to your political coffin and increasing the anger of your boss, the people of The United States.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth