Obama's Crash More Than Just Healthcare

Gallup released the latest Presidential approval poll which shows Barack Obama with an all time low of 52%. Gallup has a history of leaning left in its polling and still cannot get better than 52%. Rasmussen, which was the only polling entity to correctly call the last three elections, has Obama at 47%. Rasmussen polls likely voters as compared to just a sampling of adults as is the practice of most polling groups.

Regardless of which poll is quoted a definite trend has emerged and it is that Barack Obama the once thought leftist savior of America is crashing faster than any President since modern polling began with Harry Truman. Most pundits are tying the crash with the health care debacle. A complete chaotic disaster that has been a very real component of the crash of Obama.

But is the health care debacle the only reason that Obama is falling ? If you look back over the eight months since he became President the crash that he is experiencing now began before the intense debate over health care began. His numbers started taking a dramatic slide in the late spring and early summer as the country began seeing that the stimulus package which was advertised by Obama as needed desperately to prevent unemployment from topping 8% and that the entire economy would crash if his bill was not passed, as the bill began showing failure Obama began crashing.

Unemployment shot well over 9% and keeps rising. The stimulus stimulated nothing but making liberals giddy as they saw decades old ideas and socialist programs signed into being when Obama signed the bill. But as far as Obama’s fate, the American people began questioning whether he actually knew what he was talking about and what he was doing when NOTHING that he said actually happened, positive OR negative.

So Americans finally did what they do best and that is to use their own brains and initiative to personally start investigating what was happening and the people discovered WITHOUT the help of a biased for Obama media that this President was spending the country into oblivion, creating deficits that were unheard of before his spending and promising everything while delivering NOTHING!

Then came health care. And the American people who had already lost confidence in Barack Obama said enough is enough and have come out en’ mass to protest Democrats and Obama. While health care has become the center of the protest, if anyone listens to what is being said rather than just the anger over health care, the protests are taking on much more than health care.

This is the dilemma that Obama finds himself in. A quagmire of his own making and no matter which way he turns someone is ticked at what he does. When he sends our surrogates to test the waters for Obama to try and quell the anger of the American people, like the suggestion last weekend that Obama was considering dropping the public option in health care, the left and leadership of his party go ballistic.

When he stands steadfast with his socialist agenda the majority of the American people protest his every move. As a result his popularity is crashing quicker than the Titanic on its maiden voyage. So his response is to demonize the opposition and embrace the left which is becoming his true Waterloo as the socialist agenda he is embracing is in direct opposition to the great majority of the American people.

Which adds to the final element of his crashing numbers. As the people see and hear that Obama obviously cares nothing about what the American people think and actually demonizes or makes light of those who are opposing him, the people are bailing from supporting him from all sides of the political spectrum. Protesters are made up of Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

In fact the Independents who were a great force in electing Obama have abandoned support for him as those numbers have dropped from the high 50’s when he took office to the low 30’s as this group of Americans are waking up to the mistake that was elected to office last November.

Obama is completely out of touch with the people and the people are seeing this total lack of ability by the President to reach out to Americans and rather attack them for disagreeing with him and the people are showing their disgust with the arrogance and disconnect. Americans see in Obama someone they cannot trust and who is weak, wishy washy and lost in a job that is way over his head. He is also seen by most Americans now as a threat to freedom and the Constitutional principles that have sustained this Nation throughout our history. Threaten freedom and the people rebel.

Health care has become the catalyst for the anger that has been building against Obama for several months over spending, deficits, apologies for American excellence and getting buddy, buddy with Europe and dictators. Obama’s blindness to this reality is becoming his undoing. Added to the fact that his agenda is more important than what the American people think and it equals to a President whose popularity will continue to fall and a President who will find that his own arrogance will make him a three year lame duck before he is voted out of office in 2012.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative truth