Obama's Healthcare Misdirection Scam

Barack Obama is getting hammered in the polls. His popularity ratings range from as low as 47% at Rasmussen to a CBS left wing poll that can still only garner 53%. No matter how one looks at it his inexperience and his socialist agenda is crashing along with his popularity and his coat tails. A whopping 71% of Americans believe that his health care debacle will not pass. And it would seem that many in Congress thanks to the outrage of the American people are agreeing with the 71%.

So as popularity wanes and the center piece of his agenda is crashing members of the Obama administration hit the talking head shows over the weekend hinting that the, “public option,” in the health care bill is not all that important but, “insurance reform,” is. All the while Barack Obama is hitting the staged town hall circuit saying what he has said all along….NOTHING!

Do not be fooled by the actions of those in the administration that hinted about possibly dropping the public option. This is political misdirection at its worst. Lets look at the facts. Obamacare is crashing. Obama’s numbers are crashing. His stimulus has failed. The American people do not trust him. So how does he try to regroup ? By trying to quell the opposition and misdirect the argument by hinting that the public option may be dropped.

Immediately several Democrats came out against the idea. On Monday morning Howard Dean stated that without the public option there could be no, “reform.” Obama’s real reason for this misdirection is to let the Democrat party and the leadership in Congress continue to push through his health care debacle while he fains disagreement with the public option. A ploy to let the Congress take the inevitable fall and to distance himself from that fall to supposedly save his ,”popularity.”

Once again don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a surrender to the outcry of the people. This is not surrender but political misdirection designed to put Obama above the fray and quiet the opposition by allowing us to think that we have won. We cannot slack off any. This ploy is yet another deception in a long line of deceit that has been the hall mark of the Obama administration.

He no more is considering dropping the public option than he is considering resigning the Presidency. The public option is the true reason for his health care, “reform,” because it and it alone would force Americans into government control of our health care. Obamacare is NOT about insuring the uninsured but about forcing all Americans into government controlled health care and without the public option this socialist control of health care cannot be accomplished.

Even if the ,”Co-ops,” are adopted as is also being hinted by the administration, they will be set up by the government, regulated by the government and controlled by the government which STILL is government controlled health care. Then according to the, “co-op plan,” after five years they will be taken over by the state. Which actually equates to the federal government regulating and controlling while the state pays for the co-op by the only means available for the state and that is to raise taxes.

In response to this deception, our reaction cannot be celebration of victory but rather increasing the pressure and pushing the offensive. Victory will not be accomplished until Obama’s entire agenda falls to failure and defeat. We have the momentum and Obama is on the defensive. Keep pressing, keep fighting and keep standing for freedom and liberty in the land that we love!

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth