Mr. Obama, We Are Not Manufactured, We Are your Worst Nightmare, We Are Angry Americans

Barack Obama and Democrats are circling the wagons and trying to dismiss the angry protests over government controlled health care as ,” manufactured anger,” according to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. The Democrat National Committee claims that the protests are a result of paid individuals who are placed in the town hall meetings by powerful lobbies who represent the health insurance industry.

A video that has been seen all over the web that shows Barack Obama in his own words stating that his intended goal through health care legislation is to ,”eliminate,” private insurance to be replaced by a government run single payer socialist health care take over. The White House web site began a propaganda campaign to convince Americans that what we have seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears coming out of the mouth of Barack Obama was, “misinformation.” HOW STUPID TO THESE IMBECILES THINK WE ARE ?

For the record, we are not manufactured, we are not on any health insurance companies payroll, we are not hired by any lobby, we are angry Americans who are fed up with the direction that Barack Obama and Democrats are taking this Nation and we are NOT going to take it anymore!

If through the arrogance of the Obama administration Mr.Obama thinks he can force disgusting spending, destructive health care and deficits that are bankrupting our country down our throats, then he has another thing coming. We will no longer be dismissed, we will no longer be quiet an we will no longer allow you to destroy our country.

There are not just a few of us, nor are there only hundreds but rather there are MILLIONS of Americans like myself who are angry at what Barack Obama and his liberal cronies are trying to do to our Nation. WE DO NOT WANT your health care Mr. Obama. WE DO NOT WANT your spending Mr. Obama. WE DO NOT WANT your deficits Mr. Obama. WE DO NOT WANT your big government Mr. Obama. WE DO NOT WANT your socialism.

We are not right wing fanatics who are racists or home grown terrorist as many have called us. We are everyday Americans who still believe in the principles and freedoms that were written into our Constitution at the birth of our great Nation. We are not being paid nor organized by corporations to express the anger we have toward what you are doing Mr. Obama.

We are angry Americans whose love for our country and for the traditions, freedoms and liberties that have made our Nation great demand that we take a stand against you and through our collective anger remind you that we are the authority and power in this land and it is your responsibility to adhere to the will of the people and NOT the ideology of socialist government.

We know that what you are doing is NOT what our Founders intended for this Nation. We know that what you are doing will rob us and our children of the freedoms that we have held dear since our Nation was founded. Mr. Obama government was created for the people and it receives its true authority from the people. The people are not slaves of the government as you and your cronies would make us. We will not have it and we will stop you.

Mr. Obama, your numbers are crashing. Your agenda is failing and your health care debacle is not what we want. We will not let it stand and we will not let it pass. Mr. Obama we are not manufactured, we are not paid for our protests. Who are we ? We are your worst nightmare. We are angry Americans and we are also your boss. Look it up in our Nations Constitution and you will see that you work for us.

We are not slaves to a socialist government but free citizens of a free country who are rising by the millions against your agenda, your policy and especially your attempt to take over one fifth of our economy through health care. Your worst nightmare is a reality and the anger of the American people is real and growing. We are taking our country back and we will succeed because we the people and freedom will prevail in this Republic.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth