Mr. Obama Enjoy Your Beer Because 75 Soldiers Died In Afghanistan In July So You Could Drink It

July 2009 was one of the deadliest months for United States soldiers in Afghanistan. 75 of our best and bravest sacrificed their lives in defense of freedom and not once during the month did their Commander in Chief even acknowledge that soldiers were dying for America. During July Obama traveled to Italy for the G8, he visited the Pope, traveled to Africa for the publicity, and untold number of destinations in The United States to sing the socialized medicine praises. Not to mention a couple of Democrat fund raisers. Yet 75 soldiers died in Afghanistan in July.

Not a day went by in the month of July without the over exposed President making his way before the cameras. In fact during the last two weeks of July nearly every news report was about Obama because of health care or the ridiculous controversy he caused over the Louis Gates, Sgt Crowley business. Yet 75 soldiers died in Afghanistan in July.

Obama sat down under a shade tree with Louis Gates, Joe Biden and Sgt. Crowley munching on peanuts and drinking beer. Yet 75 soldiers died in Afghanistan in July. Barack Obama sat down for several one on one interviews in July both at home and abroad. Interview in which he was asked questions about his agenda and his administration. Yet 75 soldiers died in Afghanistan in July.

During one press briefing Obama was actually asked a question about Afghanistan and the Commander in Chief of The United States Armed Forces stated for the record it was NOT his goal to achieve victory in Afghanistan. A word and goal that he as CIC seems to afraid of. Yet 75 soldiers died in Afghanistan in July to achieve victory.

Throughout his Presidency George W. Bush was demonized by the left, hated by liberals and accused of more than almost every President before him. Unjustified attacks that continue today more than six months after he has left office. Whenever Barack Obama can’t find anything else to say or a new poll comes out showing how his numbers are crashing he quickly blames Bush for his woes and the problems that he himself has caused.

Whether it was a planned speech a press briefing or just an impromptu moment, seldom was there a time that President Bush did not mention his awe for the bravery and sacrifice of our troops or fail to acknowledge them and thank them for what they were doing. Yet Barack Obama the most over exposed person in the world not only does not thank our troops for what they are doing but even refuses to mention that they even exist. Yet 75 soldiers died in Afghanistan in July.

During his Inaugural speech his only mention of our troops was as a blatant dig at President Bush when he stated that he would never send troops into battle unless it was absolutely necessary. In fact the only time that I can recall him even acknowledging what our troops are doing in the six months since he took office were the few times in which he was actually speaking to them and then it sounded like a reluctant acknowledgment. Yet 75 soldiers died in Afghanistan in July.

Never before in our history has a President of The United States spent more time before the public and since the communications age began no President has had as much camera time as Barack Obama. There is never a time in which one can turn on the television and not see something about the 44th President. He is exposed almost as much as air.

His press coverage even as his numbers are taking a nose dive and the American people are waking up to just how much if a disaster he actually is, the press coverage is still 70% favorable. But with all of this exposure and all of his public appearances Barack Obama cannot take even a moment to acknowledge our troops or thank them for what they do. Yet 75 soldiers died in Afghanistan in July.

As Commander in Chief of The United States he is responsible for every soldier who selflessly and bravely wears the uniform of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. Whether active duty or reserve as President he is the sole civilian authority for the military. Yet as that authority and as its Commander he cannot find the time in all of his over exposure to acknowledge their sacrifice nor thank them for serving this country. Yet 75 soldiers died in Afghanistan in July.

Many on the left want conservatives to give Obama credit for sending more troops to Afghanistan and cry because we do not sing his praises for his doing his duty as CIC. Yet not once do they cry about him not acknowledging what our troops are doing or the sacrifice they are making so that liberals CAN whine as they do. Yet 75 soldiers died in Afghanistan in July.

Obama made time to travel for the health care boondoggle. Had numerous town meetings to lie to the people about what this monstrosity would and would not do. He made time to attend press briefings, to take an hour of prime time television to orchestrate a press conference. He even found time to sit down for a publicity stunt and have a beer in front of the cameras in one of the most embarrassing moments for the American Presidency in our history. But he cannot find the time to even say, “thank you,” to those sacrificing for our Nation.

So Mr. Obama enjoy your beer and all of your travels because 75 soldiers died in Afghanistan in July so that you could. To all of the brave men and women who wear the uniform of The United States military, thank you for all that you do. To the 75 who gave their all in Afghanistan in July, a grateful PEOPLE thank you for defending our freedom and we will NEVER forget you nor what you have done for us.

Ken Taylor    The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth