Obama, "Berr Summit, " A Low For The American Presidency

The sight of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Louis Gates and Sgt Crowley sitting around a table drinking beer and munching on peanuts was enough to turn my stomach. It was not enough that Obama had to start a fire storm of race relations with his comment about the Sgt acting, “stupidly.”

It was not enough for him to attend a press briefing and discuss how he should have, “calibrated,” his words better. It was not enough that he called Sgt Crowley and discussed but never apologized for his stupid statement.

No Barack Obama had to take one more step and belittle the Presidency with a display that I am sure is causing our enemies to role over in laughter, our allies to shake their heads and wonder what is actually in the White House and most American to look on in embarrassment as the President and the Vice President tried to look like ,”normal,” guys with their sleeves rolled up sipping a brew and shooting the breeze.

The obvious staging of this disaster with Obama and Biden with their sleeves rolled up looking comfortable in the summer heat as Gates and Crowley sit formally in their suit and tie, all sitting at a lawn table under the shade of a tree close enough for the press to get all the video and pictures they wanted of this ridiculous event just adds insult to injury.

A situation that at most would have been an after thought mention in the news and quickly blown over in Cambridge, became an international story ONLY because Obama does not have the brains enough to shut his mouth when he should not have made ANY comment. Then to turn his own idiocy into a major press event for publicity’s sake only while his numbers are tanking was a pitiful sight and an insult to the American people and the office of the President.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth