Barack Obama, Race And The PR Campaign To Cover His Tail

Since taking office there have been more actions by Barack Obama that have angered me than pleased me. In fact the only thing that he has done that really pleased me was not something that he did directly because it involves his plunging popularity with the American people. While a direct result of what he has done it was not something he actually set out to do. But the plunge in popularity does please me.

Throughout his hyped campaign for the White House last year Obama portrayed himself as a black man who would be above race and in fact claimed that he would promote, “healing,” when it came to race. He then took the oath after winning the Presidency and continued his mantra of being above using race and being a promoter of, “healing.”

The first opportunity to prove that he was above race baiting came last Wednesday when he was asked what he thought about the arrest of his friend Louis Gates in Cambridge, Mass. and not only proved that he was NOT above race baiting and in fact took what should have been a local matter garnering little attention, making it into a national story that is dominating the news. Why ? Because he made it so.

Now that it is back firing and causing him considerable trouble both in the polls and in the false image he has portrayed for more nearly two years, Barack Obama is using the situation the he created as a public relations gimmick. During a press briefing that started his attempt to back track from his remarks about the arresting officer Sgt. James Crowley acting, “stupidly,” Obama mentioned discussing with Crowley in a subsequent telephone conversation about coming to the White House for a beer. I originally thought that this was Obama trying to be funny.

This Thursday both Sgt. Crowley, Louis Gates and Obama will meet at the White House in an attempt to, “heal,” the riff and smooth over the problem. The trouble is that it is a problem that Obama created and now he will use this as a PR gimmick to try and once again portray himself as the great healer.

The hypocrisy in this meeting places it as one of the most disgusting, manipulative attempts to deceive the public and anyone that buys into actually believing that Obama is a healer and not a racist and race baiter is not only naive but an idiot. He has opened a can of worms and now using that same can to try and cover his political butt.

His poll numbers are crashing, his agenda is failing, the center piece of that agenda, health care, is likely not to pass and now is trying to take the focus off of his own stupidity and using a racial issue of his own creation to try and rebound in the polls. Well that rebound IS NOT going to happen.

The American people are finally seeing through the hype. The American people are finally seeing the danger and lunacy of his agenda. And the American people also see through this racial, “healing,” and know that it is only a political stunt that like his agenda will fail. The gloss is gone, the hype is over and what is left is an inexperienced individual who is destined to become a failure in the White House. He is on the path to that failure and his every move is widening that path with each passing day.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth