The Brink Of The Obama Abyss

Barack Obama the self declared administrator and leader of ,”hope and change,” for all mankind but especially for the arrogant and misguided people of America is in the midst of one of the greatest political nose dives suffered by any President in our history. He has fallen from the lofty numbers of the messiah who would, “save,” America from the ,”evil,” of George Bush, to a figure who is now mistrusted by the majority of Americans.

His popularity polls have fallen drastically from the lofty 70% he experienced right after his Inauguration to 49% only six months into his Presidency. He went from the heights of having the ability to force through the single largest spending bill in American history that to date has only stimulated his fellow liberals with glee, to the status of almost a lame duck President who is having to plead with his own party to get the center piece of his socialist agenda, the health care bill, to even make it out of committee for a vote.

In the six months which have passed since Obama took office Americans have watched in shock as soclialistic ideals have been forced down our throats, spending and deficits have sky rocketed to heights that surpass any previous administration, in fact more than all previous administrations combined. We witnessed the supposed representative of our country use every opportunity when before a foreign audience to apologize for American greatness and sell us out for personal popularity with foreign leaders.

We have watched as Obama has tried to make terrorism a crime again rather than an act of war even eliminating terrorism as a description of the despicable acts perpetrated by this evil to the world. He has claimed that HIS objective in the war against this evil in not victory. A word and goal he is obviously afraid of. Which distances him from those who he Constitutionally commands, since every soldier who is daily defending freedom fighting for this country has as his or her objective TOTAL and COMPLETE victory over our enemies.

Following his latest apology tour overseas Obama returned home and arrogantly took his favorite position in front of the cameras behind his beloved TelePrompter and told the American people that he was going to once again force socialism down our throats whether we liked it or not through his health care take over. This time before August first. Finally the American people have said enough is enough and fortunately there are still many in Congress that are more interested in their political hides than kissing the back side of a President and as a result the center piece of Obama’s agenda is in danger of failing.

This now places our country on the brink of the Obama abyss and we are facing a turning point in preventing his march to socialism from becoming reality in our country. We also are facing a dilemma which has plagued conservative for years in the political arena. We have a history of winning battles but failing to continue to fight until we win the war.

Let me explain by using an example of a victory achieved during the Bush administration. In 2007 Congress and the President were pushing a bill that would essentially provide amnesty for the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens who infest our Nation. In fact President Bush was asked by a reporter about the opposition to the bill and told that reporter that he was so confident that it would pass that she should, “watch in two weeks when I sign it.”

The anger and disgust for the bill among the American people flooded the White House and Congress to the point that within that two week time frame the bill not only fell to defeat but the Senate could not even garner enough votes to get the bill to the floor for a vote. We prevailed, Washington lost and the true authority of this country won the victory as the voice of the people was heard.

Then we did as we conservative as a whole always do. While a hand full continued the fight most went back into obscurity and those in Washington did as they always do and went back to ignoring the people. Before we knew what was happening our combined silence allowed the unthinkable to take place and Barack Obama became the 44th President of The United States. Our combined consciousness refused to believe that he would do what he said he would during his campaign and as he began his quest for socialism we watched in horror as he spent us into near bankruptcy and insulted our Nation with his rhetoric.

Finally after months of this Obama practice Americans woke up and his numbers came crashing down and once again we are facing a victory in defeating the health care bill. So what do we do ? Do we do as we have in the past and push until this bill that will destroy the best health care system the world, falls into oblivion and then drift back into the shadows allowing Obama to rise and continue his march to socialism ? Or do we stand and fight for our country and freedom until the war is over.

Liberals are relentless. They will suffer defeat and rather than stopping to lick their wounds, they quickly being the campaign for the next battle and before anyone realizes what is happening they spin their recent loss into a perceived victory and while we shake our heads wondering what has happened their deceptive PR campaign has Americans who pay little or no attention believing that liberals have all the answers and government will help their plight.

Our collective voices have brought Obama’s numbers down, caused the Congress to pause in the march to socialism and the passing of the health care take over. The August recess is nearly upon us. The Senate will not do anything until at least September. The House may force through something before August but even that is highly questionable.

So we find ourselves on the brink of the Obama abyss and facing the dilemma we have always faced when the liberal agenda is being forced down our throats. Do we fight until we win this battle and then sit back on out laurels ? Or do we garner this victory into a strategy for defeating the entire agenda and force Congress to tie the hands of Obama and continue to listen to the authority of the American people.

We cannot stop the pressure. We must continue as a collective of angry Americans to force Washington to listen. This delay in the health care vote is only temporary. During the August recess it is our duty to continue the pressure until those in Congress fear the people to the point that when they return in September they will consider it political suicide to even talk of the health care bill much less vote for it.

Then we move to keeping the pressure on for Cap and Trade, deficit spending, closing Gitmo, defeating terrorism, and the rest of the Obama agenda. We continue to pressure so that Obama himself will do as he has done in the last few weeks and show who and what he truly is which is why his numbers are crashing and his coat tails have dried up causing the Congress to listen to the people rather than Obama.

If we believe in freedom we will continue the fight. If we believe in liberty we will continue the fight. If we believe in the America of our fore fathers we will continue the fight. If we believe that Obama is taking this Nation in the wrong direction we will continue the fight. Now more than any other time in our history we cannot sit back on our laurels and allow Washington to prevail.

We can only prevent falling into the Obama abyss by fighting his agenda with our opposition to each and every aspect of it as he tries to push it through. If we do not keep the pressure on and his numbers start to rise as he puts on the face of the man of the people like he did during his campaign, Congress will once again stop listening to us and grasp onto his popularity coat tails and before we know what has happened his agenda will pass and we will find ourselves in the abyss.

The momentum is ours and it is up to us to keep that momentum. We must be as relentless for our freedoms as liberals are in trying to destroy them. In fact if we are to achieve victory for us and the generations that follow we must be even more relentless then liberals. We must take the principled stand for our Nation so that future generations can experience the liberties and freedoms our Founders fought for and gave birth to through our Constitution. We must fight and we must prevail.

We must take to heart the lesson stated by Winston Churchill to achieve complete victory for the sake of freedom, ” Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

Ken Taylor    The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth