Obama Sparks Racial Tension As Numbers Continue To Tank

In an absolutely imbecilic move Barack Obama opened a flood gate of racial tension during his Wednesday night press conference when he was asked what he thought about the arrest of black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. In Cambridge Mass.

For those who may not have heard the story, Gates was locked out of his home and apparently did not have his key and was attempting to jimmy the door. Attentive neighbors who have stated that Gates home had been broken into before, called police not knowing that the ,”culprit,” was actually the home owner.

Police arrived and Sgt. James Crowley sought ID from Gates to prove that he was who he said he was. According to Gates, Crowley was profiling him and was treating him as a criminal because he was a black man. Gates contends that he was very calm IN the house and was trying to explain that he was the home owner and Crowley refused to listen and proceeded to arrest Gates for disorderly conduct only because he was black.

Sgt. Crowley and neighboring witnesses tell a different story. After the officer identified Gates he was attempting to leave the premises and Gates angrily followed him into the front yard, yelling and causing a scene. Crowley attempted to calm him but Gates would not calm down and continued to berate the officer creating a situation that lead to the arrest for disorderly conduct.

Gates has since claimed racial discrimination and profiling and calls the arrest the state of, “a black man in America.” Obama stated during the press conference that Gates was a friend and without knowing the full story went on to say that Sgt. Crowley acted, “stupidly.” Starting a whirlwind of racial controversy to an already racially charged story.

As President of The United States his position SHOULD have been either no comment or more appropriately that he did not know the full story and that it would be up to those involved in Cambridge to sort through and find the truth. But not Obama, he could not resist making a statement that in itself was prejudicial because of his association with Gates and could very well taint any court proceedings because of his position on the matter and that fact that he is President.

The White House tried on Thursday to spin Obama’s stupid statement differently but still did not back down from the assertion that the officer acted wrong. Obama had no business getting involved in any situation like this and because of his own ethnicity especially since is involves a possible charge of racial profiling that has yet to be proven and is coming from a man, Gates, who is well known to stir racial tension both in his classroom and in public.

All of this comes as Rasmussen, whose polling has been the most accurate in the final out come of the last three Presidential elections, that Obama continues to nose dive in his popularity rating. Rasmussen has Obama with a 49% approval rating, with 51% disapproving. While 83% of Democrats still approve of Obama, 80% of Republicans disapprove and only 37% of Independents approve. The Independent rating is the most dramatic shift since Obama carried that block last November over John McCain.

This most recent poll is also in line with the low approval numbers from other sources like Gallup who earlier in the week showed that Obama ranked 10th out of the last twelve Presidents in approval at this point in their administration with only Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton ranking lower. Additionally the low approval of his policy is marking the end of the Obama luster.

Polls are showing that 53% to 56% of Americans disapprove of Obama’s health care push and a larger percentage disapprove of the way that he is handling the economy from the failed stimulus to his push for Cap and Trade legislation. Congress is catching on as Obama’s coat tails dwindle and are not jumping on board for any of his agenda which has forced a delay until after the August recess for health care in both chambers of Congress.

As Representatives meet with constituents during the August break and hear the backlash on Obama’s agenda especially health care like many have already, it is likely that both health care and Cap and Trade may not reach a vote this year. With 2010 being an election year and all of the House and one third of the Senate up for re-election any legislation that would cause a tax increase is not likely to get enough votes to pass and possibly not even make it to the floor for a vote during an election year.

With his numbers tanking, his own stupidity sparking racial tension and American rebelling against his policy, Barack Obama is finding that his inexperience in handling the Presidency is staring to come back to bite him. His march to Socialism agenda is also falling as fast as his numbers and this egotistical man who has always had his way is finding it hard to adjust to,” we the people,” making him toe the line.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth