Obama Health Care Falling With Obama Popularity

Barack Obama’s health care debacle is running into opposition from all corners of the country. Even in states that voted for him in 2008. In St. Louis, MO, a state that went blue for Obama in 2008 Congressman Russ Carnahan (D) was laughed off the stage by constituents as he relayed Obama talking points about the embattled health care bill.

In Maryland, another Obama blue state in 2008, Senator Ben Cardin (D) who like his colleague in St. Louis was relaying Obama health care talking points to his constituents was faced with an angry 27 old man who had recently lost his job and found another paying less money, stated that he chose not to pay for health care in order to use the money for his family in other ways and then demanded that Cardin answer why he would be FINED $2500.00 though Obamacare because he chooses NOT to purchase health care coverage.

Cardin’s arrogant answer was to blame this angry American for causing health care costs to be taken care of by others if he were to go to an emergency room. Never once even suggesting that if he went to an emergency room that a payment schedule could be worked out rather than being payed for by others. A typical liberal lie that is used to claim a lack of available health care in America.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer admits that the health care bill is in deep trouble not from GOP opposition but from blue dog Democrats who dislike the tax increases and the provisions that will cause business to drop private health care forcing employees to buy into government health care.

What Obama and his liberal universal health care backers are refusing to acknowledge in this ,”debate,” is that we in The United States have the best and most advanced health care in the world. The quality of care is not the problem nor the availability of care, but the cost. If American health care is as bad as Obama constantly claims in his scare tactic approach then why are people from all over the world whose countries have socialized Obama style health care, leaving their homes and traveling to The United States to get expert care for their medical problems ? Care they CANNOT get in their countries BECAUSE of socialized Obama style health care.

The Congressional Budget Office also disputes Obama’s claim that his program is budget neutral but rather that it will cost TRILLIONS of dollars to implement because of the massive bureaucracy that will be created to manage the program. Also the CBO concludes that Obama’s claim that his program will save money because of the decreasing of health care costs is again a falsehood as it will actually cause costs to rise through the program.

Yes the cost of procedures and medical care is high and needs to be reformed. A huge move toward that would be the implementation of Tort Reform to reduce litigation for medical procedures. This one problem alone forces doctors to preform excess testing in order to prevent law suites.

While reducing cost is the main problem, turning health care over to the government as Obama is pushing is NOT the answer and the people agree as polls are showing that 50% of Americans are against government health care while only 44% favor it. The health care debacle, spending and the failing Cap and Trade legislation is beginning to whittle away at Obama’s popularity.

According to Gallup whose polling leans to the left, since Presidential approval ratings began with Harry Truman, Obama ranks 10th out of the twelve President since Truman at this point in their administration. Only Gerald Ford who was suffering from the fall out of Watergate and Bill Clinton who was suffering from fall out of Hillary care polled lower than Obama at this juncture of their administration.

So Obama’s agenda including health care is falling as fast as his popularity. Yet in his arrogance he still believes that everyone should bow to his demands. What he is forgetting is that as his coat tails are drying up those in Congress even in his own party are not willing to stick out their political necks for Obama.

In his haste to force his agenda Obama is committing political suicide and his numbers are showing the result of his haste. The rebellion against Obama’s agenda is growing and Obama cannot handle the response which is showing by his impatience. The people are angry about spending. Angry about deficits. Angry that health care is being forced through for political expedience rather than finding real solutions. Angry that Obama is trying to steal freedom and in this country freedom will prevail.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth