Sarah Palin - Definitely Not Politics As Usual

“You betcha,” Sarah Palin has resigned as Governor of Alaska. Now the pundits are having a field day as to why she resigned. If only they had actually listened to what she said in her resignation speech last Friday there would have been no question as to her reason. Frankly it took a lot of guts for her to step down rather than ,”stay the course,” and allow her enemies in Alaska to find more frivolous charges soaking up the time and money of both Palin and the people of Alaska.

The blatant attacks against her both in her state and by the media have severely hampered her ability to govern in Alaska because of the time and money that it was taking to defend ethics charges that have all been unfounded. She cared more for her state than she did for self and placed the business of the people before her want or need to remain governor and as such chose to step down.

This is NOT politics as usual. Her job has suffered because of the lies and false charges attacking her. Her family has suffered because of what she stands for and the absolute hatred by the left because she has been successful as a woman without being pro-choice, liberal, or setting aside her family in order to have career. She was a mother AND a successful governor and the left could not stand it so they sought to destroy her and Sarah said enough is enough.

Is she politically dead ? Not hardly. She now has the freedom to express her beliefs without what she says affecting the people of her state. She can travel without concern about Alaska either footing the bill or having to share her time on a national stage and govern Alaska. The ethics garbage which had become completely ridiculous ends with her governorship. So in many ways this move is liberating for her politically and takes her family off center stage since attacks will be directed more toward her post governor life rather than her life as a governor.

The pundit question her ,”strategy.” This move by Palin was not a strategy just a bright and strong woman who as governor of Alaska said ,”enough.” She will remain a driving force in conservative politics. In fact wherever she appears crowds will still follow. Look for her to make regular appearances on political talk shows who know that she is still a powerful voice for conservatism.

Sarah Palin took an oath stating that she would serve the people of Alaska to the best of her ability. The disgusting attacks against her greatly prevented her fulfilling that oath. As the honest and conscientious person that she is, she could no longer just sit in the governors chair and not serve the people as she knew they deserved. So rather than keep the title she resigned to end the attacks and the waste of Alaskans money and her valuable time as well as the time it was consuming for the governor.

Sarah is not finished. She will be around for many more years and politically she is just rebooting in another direction. Whether that is a run for President in 2012 or beyond or a US Senate seat in Alaska remains to be seen. Anyone who is counting her out is making a big mistake. Saracudda is still driving down the political lane and making shots that will continue to our score her advisories on the left.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth