From Independent To Dependent - Obama Agenda Ends The Spirit Of 1776

As Americans we share a heritage that is unlike any other in the world. We have as heroes of our Nation some of the most brilliant men who ever lived on Earth. Men who sought freedom and created a form of government ruled by law where every citizen has the same opportunity to prosper and achieve according to individual ability. Worship in accordance to their conscience and live under an umbrella of liberty in a land where it is recognized that, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, ” is a right ,”endowed by their Creator.”

Our Founders understood that the only way that this Nation of free people could exist was to break all ties with the country that had been both parent and oppressor to the premise of true freedom. So in 1776 these brilliant men who we consider heroes today, committed the ultimate act of treason pledging their, “lives, fortunes and sacred honor,” declaring Independence from Britain and giving birth to The United States of America.

In declaring our Independence those patriots stood for the basic principle of God given liberty and were willing to sacrifice everything to insure that this Divine right was the foundation and guide for this Nation and the creation of the government that would administer the rule of law and liberty for each citizen who called this Nation home.

This liberty through the rule of law as its governing principle provided for freedom to achieve WITHOUT the interference of an oppressive or over bearing government. We became an Independent Nation so that all who lived in the freedom provided by the sacrifice of those who founded our country would NEVER be forced to become dependent on any government. In fact the very document, our Constitution, that insures individual Independence for every citizen by its very existence declares that government be limited in power and scope so that the people could grow and prosper as individuals without the oppressive hand of government standing in the way of individual freedom.

Over the years since that July day in 1776 that spirit of revolution and principled stance for liberty has been celebrated but in many cases forgotten as proven by the actions of those who have since governed under the umbrella of liberty created by our Founders. Individual freedom has been slowly and surely whittled away by legislation and agendas that our Founders never intended for the generations that followed their Declaration of Independence.

The whittling away of our liberties by legislation whose very goal has been to grow government and create a dependency on that government has caused Americans to gradually forget who we truly were at the time of our founding. A Nation whose people would rather die then live under the oppression of government.

Yet in the 233 years since the Declaration we have become a Nation, though still celebrating freedom, but whose people live under the oppression of our own government. A government which exists off of the labor of its citizens. A government that decides how each citizen can prosper or not prosper. A government whose hand is seen in every aspect of our everyday living whether by regulation or taxation.

Now after 233 years of government growth nearly erasing the spirit of Independence discovered in 1776, we see in the administration of the 44th President a planned direction which if allowed to be fully accomplished will move swiftly and decidedly from what little Independence we have from government to total dependence upon government.

The agenda of the 44th President calls for and is attempting to create dependency upon government for medical care. Dependency upon government for the running of any and all business. Dependency upon government for every aspect of the environment which will in turn through its oppressive taxation called, “Cap and Trade,” empty our pocket books through oppressive energy costs that will affect all Americans.

The problem that we have in fighting this oppressive, dependency seeking agenda is that many Americans have fallen slave to the idea that government is SUPPOSED to provide for the people instead of the 1776 premise that government is supposed to get out of the way of the people.

Our freedoms have been whittled away so much over the years and generations that followed those who Founded a free Nation have been taught a sanitized version of the true history of our Founding Fathers and their fight for Independence, so much so that many in this country do not understand what freedom is and blindly accept government oppression and in fact yearn for it to grow and continue actually favoring the agenda of the 44th President.

When our Founders declared Independence in 1776 not everyone who called America home were in favor of it. In actuality only about 30% of Americans wanted to be Independent of Britain. An equal number actually wanted to remain subservient to British rule and the remaining number could care less either way and just wanted to be left alone.

But the 30% who favored Independence and understood the blessing of true freedom from oppression stood tall for those principles and fought to insure that the other two thirds of Americans would have the rights and liberties that they willingly fought and died for to to insure that all Americans could be free.

We face a similar task today in our battle to stop the oppression of dependency under the administration of the 44th President. About 30% of Americans understand what is happening and how our freedoms have slowly dwindled over the years. The rest have either bought into the idea that government is obligated to provide for the people or don’t care either way.

Just as the patriots who fought for freedom in the Spirit of 1776, we who understand our true freedom and understand that dependency upon government is NOT what this Nation was founded on and NOT the direction or vision that our Founders saw for American and Americans, it is we who must stand and fight for the other two thirds who have lost the vision and desire for true and real freedom.

It is we who must stand for the principles of true liberty. It is we who must stand for the vision of our Founders and the Constitution that provides by law that the true and only power of the Nation is found within the free will of the people of this Nation and not the government. It is we who must constantly remind our fellow Americans of the truth of freedom. It is we who must hold our elected officials accountable to the principles of freedom. It is we who must keep the Spirit if 1776 alive and flourishing so that future generations can experience true freedom as envisioned by our Founders.

Ronald Reagan once stated, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free. ” It is up to us, the 30% who still understand the vision of our Founders and have within us the true Spirit of 1776 to stand for the principle of liberty and prevent freedom from becoming extinct because of government dependency and oppression.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth