Obama Transparancy Ends When It Messes With Agenda, Ask The EPA

As Obama was preparing to take office facing the cameras everyday behind the egotistical sign that he had made which read, “Office of the President Elect,” he talked nearly everyday about how his administration would be the most transparent in American history.

Soon after he took office he actually wrote an Executive Order calling for transparency in his administration. Then situations started to arise that were hidden from the public and the mantra that began from Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was that the transparency would begin right after this or that situation. Then Obama transparency was put on hold until a certain date, a date that has yet to begin because its delay has continued.

In fact the only real transparency that has come out of the Obama administration took place with the releasing of CIA memos which told of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and then only the smallest amount of information was released with the memos. Just enough to cause a firestorm against the former Bush Administration which was the real intent behind the, “transparent,” release of the memos in the first place.

Yet Obama still tries to claim that his administration is transparent and that he is telling the American people everything. A lie that is being perpetrated by Obama, his spokes persons and the MSM media because transparency does not exist with the Obama administration except when it is politically expedient as was the case with the memos.

Obama’s transparency also ends when that transparency is in conflict with his agenda, just ask the Environmental Protection Agency, which is a part of Obama’s own Executive Branch of the government. A report that was commissioned by the administration to provide statistics to back up Obama’s push to pass the ridiculous Cap and Trade bill which in reality is nothing more than a huge energy tax which will affect every American, was pushed under the rug because the report showed that Global Warming is non-existent.

The report prepared by an EPA analyst stated that the information used by the EPA in determining the release of carbon dioxide and its relation to climate change are out of date. With updated information the report states that carbon dioxide IS NOT causing climate change, in fact as carbon dioxide levels have increased global temperatures have actually DECREASED.

This EPA report is in direct opposition to the entire premise behind Obama’s massive Cap and Trade bill which was passed last Friday by the House. The bill calls for the the government to set a cap on carbon emissions which will be reduced regularly and require energy related companies who release carbon dioxide into the air to purchase permits based on this, “cap.” Energy companies that are under the cap can sell excess permits to those who are over the cap.

Supposedly this bill would force energy entities to reduce carbon out put by either cutting back on production in order to meet the lesser cost of purchasing permits or rebuilding plants to meet the new cap requirements. Also according to the flawed and dangerously expensive bill, the higher cost of energy whether electricity, natural gas or automobile gas which would be the result of the punishing cost of the cap permits would force consumers to use less energy thus causing less production and fewer carbon emissions. A lie which has been proven by failed Cap and Trade laws which have helped to destroy European economies and failed to produce the claimed reduction results.

Now the EPA report provides evidence that CAP and Trade is not only flawed but the science that it is based on is also flawed meaning that the bill which taxes every American is not only NOT necessary to , “combat,” non-existent global temperature rising but that Obama is willing to sacrifice both energy companies and the finances of Americans in order to promote his liberal agenda. And willing to hide the truth in order to pass this flawed and ridiculous legislation because the report was order buried by his administration.

Thankfully Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe a conservative who is well known for battling this type of abuse is not taking this lightly. He is demanding an investigation to get to the bottom of the order to bury the EPA report and expose the truth revealed in the report to the public BEFORE the Senate has the opportunity to pass the Cap and Trade legislation that the House voted 219 – 212 in favor sending it to the Senate last Friday.

A bill that Obama called the most significant step toward combating climate change in history. But in reality because of his ordering the hiding of key information found in the EPA report a bill that is not only NOT necessary as Obama stated but whose premise is based on a lie and a science that Obama’s own EPA now shows to be a lie also. Climate Change as the report states, EVEN WITH CURRENT CARBON EMISSIONS, is non – existent as global temperatures are actually declining.

Once this information becomes more public and the lie behind the Global Warming scare is truly revealed as Cap and Trade hopefully fails in the Senate, I wonder how long it will take Obama and his enviro whaco buddies to claim that the cooling of Earth temperatures is yet further evidence of man made climate change. Climate change is big business and provides a very lucrative living to those who promote the lie. Just ask Al Gore !

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth